February 17, 2018

7 Simple Steps To Land Your Dream Job

At JobMonkey, we always say that you should do what you love and love what you do. It’s a statement that we truly believe. Only you can control your life, so why not find a job that you love. When you love your job, life is good. What’s holding you back from finding your dream job?

It’s a big move to switch jobs, but we’ve broken the search for your dream job into seven simple steps. Here are 7 steps to land your dream job:

  1. Assess Your Current Situation – Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Are you a grump? Do you hate what you do? Do you daydream about your hobbies and passions? Are you frustrated with work? Do you hate where you live? Is now the right time to quit your job? Take note of your current situation. If the stars align, then consider your next step.
  2. Define Your Dream – Spend some time and focus on yourself. What makes you happy? How can you thrive doing what you love? Is there any potential to monetize your hobbies? Where’s your ideal home? Make a list or two. Measure the pros and cons. Explore every possibility. Are you keen to be a polar explorer? A hunting guide? An underwater welder? A street performer? A drone operator? A jeweler? Make a list of every possible job that you’d be stoked to do and another list of all of the companies you’d be thrilled to work for. You can get a lot of ideas over on JobMonkey.com
  3. Face Reality – Is your dream possible? Are you 60 and want to be an astronaut? Are you color blind and want to be boat captain? Do you want to spend all day watching TV? Are you planning to pursue a professional sports career in a sport you’ve never tried? Unfortunately some dreams might not be feasible. Go through your list with a realistic outlook. There are some things you can do and there are others that may be impossible. Realize that for some jobs you’ll have to gain experience, network, relocate, build a skill set, or earn a degree. Research different jobs and careers on JobMonkey.com to find out what you are truly capable of.
  4. Make A Plan – Finding your dream job won’t happen overnight. After you’ve done your research, make a plan for success. Determine what skills you need to develop. Figure out what are the requirements for your dream job. Earn any necessary degrees or certifications. Define a realistic time line to accomplish your goals.
  5. Develop Your Online Presence – If you follow the JobMonkey Blog, you’ve probably heard this advice before. We keep mentioning it because it’s super important to your job search. You will be Googled. Get your social media profiles in order. Dial in your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Start your blog. Be proactive and establish yourself online. It makes a difference in your job search.
  6. Start The Job Search – You know what you want to do. You’ve studied up on your dream job. You know which employers you’d prefer. Now it’s time to get serious. Dial in your resume. Tap into your network. Contact your references. You know the drill. Gear up your job search and start to apply for jobs. Double check your application and push send. We highly recommend the JobMonkey Job Board as a great place to begin your job search.
  7. Get Hired – It takes some prep work to get to this stage of the dream job search. Don’t get scared. Change is a good thing. If you don’t get hired right away, try, try again. Don’t get discouraged. If you truly want something, you can make it happen. If you need to start small and work your way toward your dreams, then do it. Be realistic and your dream job won’t be far away.

Finding your dream job will be the best thing you ever do. It has life changing potential and your happiness levels will be through the roof. Best of luck!

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