January 7, 2017

Tech Sectors And Tech Jobs That Are In Demand

Technology plays a major role in our lives. As technology continues to advance, it’s making a major impact on how the world works – and this means jobs. Since tech is on the rise, it seems like a logical decision to focus your job search on tech jobs that are in demand.

Man holding different types of technology concepts

We recently stumbled upon an infographic posted on Modis.com titled, Forward Thinking: A Look A Tech Jobs. The infographic starts with two mind blowing stats:

  • 12% Growth In Tech Employment by 2024 (vs 6.5% projected growth in all other industries)
  • 488,500 New Tech Jobs By 2024

That’s an impressive increase in demand for qualified tech workers. Modis.com goes on to highlight the tech sectors and jobs that are expected to grow the most. It’s interesting stuff for any aspiring tech worker.

Let’s take a look at the tech sectors that are expecting the most growth:

  • Web Development – Forecasted Job Growth of 27% by 2024
  • Analysis Sector- Forecasted Job Growth of 21% by 2024
  • IT Security – Forecasted Job Growth of 18% by 2024
  • Managed Services & Project Management Sector – Forecasted Job Growth of 15% by 2024
  • Health IT Sector – Forecasted Job Growth of 15% by 2024
  • Database Administration Sector – Forecasted Job Growth of 11% by 2024

Modis then shines the spotlight on some of the top tech jobs that are in demand in each of the above sectors and includes their salaries. Here is a random selection that might interest you:

Learn More About S.T.E.M. Jobs

Check out the full infographic on Modis.com to discover even more tech jobs that are in demand. Also be sure to sign up for the 2017 Modis Salary Guide For Tech Professionals. If you’re keen to work in the tech industry, this is essential information for you.

Technology is an exciting niche because it’s growing so rapidly. There are opportunities to work with innovative companies all over the world. Now is the time to break into this niche. Get the education, training, and experience that you need so that you can ride the wave toward success as a technology professional.

Visit JobMonkey.com to learn more about tech jobs or visit JobMonkeyJobs.com to search for jobs in the Technology industry. The future is bright for anyone pursuing work in tech.

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