December 10, 2016

What Are STEM Jobs?

Do you know what STEM jobs are? For those who are unfamiliar with this acronym, the term can be a bit confusing. STEM stands for Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. All of the jobs in this niche fall under one of those broad categories. STEM jobs are highly coveted and in demand careers that are paving the way for the future.

Man thinks through a complex math and science problem defines STEM jobs as careers where “STEM workers use their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, or math to try to understand how the world works and to solve problems.” There is a constant demand for people with the skills to fill jobs in these niches.

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If you are planning to go back to school to pursue STEM jobs, you may ultimately find work as a:

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When you land a STEM job you’ll find yourself working in offices, labs, research facilities, classrooms, or the field. You’ll be focused on cutting edge research and applications that have the potential to change the world – and you’ll be compensated well for your work.

According to the annual mean wage for all STEM occupations was $85,570 in May 2014. That’s nearly double the average of all occupations. Many STEM jobs pay well over $100,000. Combine these impressive numbers with the fact that the BLS predicts that STEM job opportunities will grow by 13% in the next decade and you have an ideal career path.

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STEM jobs are the in demand jobs now and they will be the in demand jobs in the future. This large niche will play a major role in the way our world functions and the way our economy develops. It’s always smart to plan for the future, so maybe you should focus your career path on Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. jobs.

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