December 29, 2010

Top Salaries by College Degree

If earning a high salary is important to you, there are certain degrees that can help you achieve that goal. Finding a high-paying job is easier with education in one of these fields. Here are some of the best-paying jobs by starting salary, according to CBS Moneywatch:

  1. Petroleum engineering – $93,000
  2. Chemical engineering – $64,800
  3. Nuclear engineering – $63,900
  4. Computer engineering – $61,200
  5. Electrical engineering – $60,800

You can also look at the highest salaries at mid-career to find a high-paying job:

  1. Petroleum engineering – $157,000
  2. Aerospace engineering – $108,000
  3. Chemical engineering – $108,000
  4. Electrical engineering – $104,000
  5. Nuclear engineering  – $104,000

As you can see, many of those college degrees on these lists overlap, and they all have something in common – engineering! Engineering degrees, more than others, give you the opportunity to find a high-paying job. If you aren’t interested in engineering, there are other degrees you can also consider including applied mathematics, economics, physics, computer sciences, statistics, finance, management information systems, government, and construction management, according to CBS.

Looking for even more options? Head to JobMonkey’s High Paying Jobs Guide to find information about top salary jobs, including:

  • Medical Careers
  • Legal Careers
  • High-Paying Jobs in the Military
  • Aviation Careers
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • And More!

Remember, your education is just the first step to landing one of these high-paying jobs. While you’re in school, take opportunities to participate in internships or work part-time jobs during college, so that after you graduation, you have a great resume. The best jobs typically command the best candidates!

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