Medical Translation Jobs

Medical translators and interpreters (sometimes referred to as healthcare interpreters and translators) are currently in high demand.

Medical interpreters work within clinics or hospitals to facilitate communication between patients, family members, nurses, doctors, specialists, administrators and other medical staff. Medical translators convert documents, patient files, brochures, marketing materials, and policy statements into the target language. Both medical translators and interpreters must possess a wide scientific/medical vocabulary and be familiar with colloquial expressions related to health in both the source and the target language. Cultural knowledge of medical practices within the patient’s culture is helpful, so that interpreters can relay information in a sensitive and effective manner.

Medical translators and interpreters also work for medical device or pharmaceutical companies, interpreting for sales calls or conferences and translating publicity materials or websites. Non-profit medical groups and NGOs such as Doctor’s Without Borders, ARC International, or Partners in Health (among others) work with translators and interpreters both in the field and out of their U.S. offices. Many medical translators and interpreters choose to work in third world countries, both during and after crisis situations.

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