April 19, 2010

Truly Cool Jobs: River Rafting

You know what I love about working for the JobMonkey? It truly is the home of cool jobs. I know, that’s kind of our unofficial tagline, but every few weeks the geniuses behind the JobMonkey scenes add a new job category over there on the website’s homepage and every time, I think: Wow, that really is a cool job!

Like last week, did you see that Photography Jobs was added? I have a number of friends who work as freelance photographers (specializing in shots of babies, kids, pregnant mamas and growing families). In fact, they got their start at this entrepreneurial home-based business after they had kids of their own and couldn’t get enough of photographing their little ones.

Over time, their kids grew — and so did their photography skills. To learn more about how they turned this hobby into a great income stream, stay tuned next week for an interview with one successful freelance photographer.

In other cool job news, the JobMonkey folks also recently added another awesome section on rafting jobs. Have you ever been river rafting? It is amazing! Fun, challenging and totally beautiful scenery, too! (The last time I did it was six years ago on the Colorado River and I still remember that trip like it was yesterday!) Learn more about working as a river raft guide … Sound like the perfect summer job to me!

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