June 30, 2011

U.S. Tech Job Market Continues to Grow

Interested in a tech job? You’re in luck! According to a survey by KPMG, the United States will lead the world in tech employment growth over the next year. Nearly 49% of executives surveyed report that they’ll be hiring over the next year as well, and although this is down a little from last year, it still means that you can find a job more easily in this field than in many other fields.

“Tech” is a pretty broad category. What specific industries are booming? The top growers in the tech field include cloud computing, mobile apps, and data analytics. Of course, other sectors of this industry are growing as well, especially in West Coast locations, such as San Francisco and Seattle. You could find a medical tech job, which combines technology with healthcare, for example, or find a natural energy job in the technology field, which combines technology with environmental science.

The key for any tech job is a good education. You don’t need to become a doctor in the field (though advanced PhD degrees are definitely available). To get started, simply consider a two-year associate’s degree from your local tech school or community college. You can even take classes online to get your degree in the tech field. While online training is great, many employers won’t even consider you as a candidate unless you have at least an associate’s degree in the field.

Tech jobs in the United States will likely continue grow even beyond this coming year. If you’re looking for a job in this field, check out the IT/software development section of the JobMonkey Job Center, as well as technology jobs in other fields from around the world.

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