August 14, 2014

Volunteering Opportunities For You

Have you ever volunteered to do something? Typically volunteering is a rewarding activity that is intended to help others. It’s also a wonderful way for someone like you to build skills, network, gain experience, and have fun.

If you don’t volunteer for things on a regular basis, change your habits. Try volunteering and see what comes from it. Companies, events, non-profits, charities, and organizations are constantly looking for eager volunteers. You don’t have to have any experience to be a volunteer. Take advantage of that and see what you can learn from your next volunteer experience.

The beauty of volunteer work is that it can take place just about anywhere. There may be volunteer opportunities down the road from where you live or you may travel halfway around the world to help out. You’ll be surprised at where your volunteering nature can take you.

Volunteering can take many forms. Here are some:

  • Skills-Based – If you have a specific skill, like being a nurse or doctor, you will always be needed to help out somewhere.
  • International – Developing countries need people to come and work on projects that improve their quality of life.
  • Virtual – Did you know that you can volunteer from the comfort of your home or smartphone?
  • Environmental – Conservation and environmental management are things that must be sustained. From weed removal to protecting animals this one attracts lots of people.
  • Emergency – When a hurricane or earthquake wreaks havoc, volunteers are needed to help.
  • Education – Children deserve the best education. If you have a skill or knowledge that you can teach it will definitely be appreciated.
  • Corporate – That fund raiser or marketing campaign can’t get done without a few cheerful volunteers.
  • Community – It’s important to take care of the place where you live. Be sure to help out around your community.
  • Events – Certain events like the Olympics or Bonaroo need eager volunteers to “work” and see the event.

The world wouldn’t work with out volunteers. Luckily you can join the ranks of volunteers around the world and go lend a helping hand. Whether you help out with a local Boy Scout group or head to Nepal to build latrines – your time and energy will be valued and much appreciate.

You can find volunteer opportunities on the JobMonkey Job Board. One employer that is always looking for people is Volunteers For Peace. They operate around the world in places like Italy, Nepal, Mexico, Turkey, Philippines, United States, Poland, Finland, and more cool destinations to help to improve education and community service. Sign up with them today!

Volunteering is a rewarding act that helps others, but it also helps you. The experience you gain, the skills you learn, and the people you meet can often help to shape the decisions and job choices you will ultimately make. Take an hour or take a year, but make volunteering a priority in your life.

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