March 17, 2011

Want a Seasonal Alaskan Fishing Job? Start Looking Now!

If you’ve always dreamed of heading north to find an Alaskan fishing job, now’s the time to start your job search. Over the winter months, fewer companies hire workers, but as soon as winter starts to thaw, companies are on the lookout for new hires for the spring and summer. Salmon fishing crews are hiring for their spring seasons, and even ships that fish year-round are transitioning to include new crew members as the seasons change.

Many companies hire crew members from Seattle, so you might consider starting your search there. You can also head to one of the main fishing towns, such as Dutch Harbor (made famous by Deadliest Catch). Before you start your Alaskan fishing job search, here are a few things you should know:

  • Many captains hire crew members for their ships based on recommendations. So, if you find it hard to find a job, consider working at an onshore location and getting to know some of the locals so you can find a job next season.
  • Crew members are usually expected to provide their own commercial fishing license. Licenses cost $60+ based on the season, animal you’re fishing, and whether or not you are a resident.
  • Crew members are also typically expected to have their own gear (wet wear gear, gloves, boots, etc.), which typically costs $200+ depending on your size and the style you purchase.
  • State minimum wage laws don’t apply for those working on fishing boats in most cases. Usually, you’ll be offered a share of the total profit.
  • On some ships, crew members are expected to share boat costs such as bait, fuel, and food. On other ships, these things are provided.

Alaskan fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, but can also be extremely exciting and lucrative. If this career path interests you, check out JobMonkey’s entire Alaskan fishing jobs guide to learn more about the industry and get started with your job search.

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