July 27, 2011

Want a Winter Job? Start Hunting Now!

With most of the United States dealing with a heat wave, it might sound silly to start thinking about jobs at ski resorts and other winter locations. Yet, summer begins to fade into fall, employers are beginning to post temporary jobs for the winter. Applying early can increase your changes of finding a seasonal job when the weather turns cold.

Types of Seasonal Winter Jobs

Working at a ski resort isn’t your only option if you want to find a job for the winter months. Other companies also hire temporary workers just for the cooler months. Check out any area where tourists flock during winter mouths – hotels, restaurants, and other businesses in these locations are often hiring for the summer.

You can also check out working on a cruise ship. Maybe people take advantage of the mild Caribbean winters to book cruises when the weather back home is cold and snowy, so ships set sale all winter long from ports like Miami. On a cruise ship, you can work in positions like bartender, activities director, lifeguard, entertainer/dancer, massage therapist, fitness instructors, housekeeping staff, chefs, maintenance crew, and more.

There are also jobs in Alaska available during the winter months. While this might at first seem like the last place you’d be able to find a job during the winter months, some fishing seasons are open only during the winter, so seasonal jobs are available if you can stand the snow and ice!

Why Start Now?

So why should you start hunting for seasonal jobs in the winter when the leaves haven’t even started to change colors yet? Consider the following:

  • Temporary jobs are more rare during the summer months. The sooner you apply, the more likely you’ll be able to find a position.
  • Applying early shows initiative. The top candidates in any seasonal job are sometimes offered full time positions, so you want to start on the right foot by showing that you’re motivated.
  • Some employers have a really long application process, so if you don’t apply now, you might miss out.
  • Even though they don’t post their jobs right away, some employers may already know they have openings to fill – and if people contact them about these slots, they may never post them online.
  • Looking at opportunities now really allows you to spend time on your resume and cover letter to ensure that they’re as perfect as possible before you submit.
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