March 5, 2011

Want to Work in Business? Check out These Schools!

Are you interested in a career in the business world? If so, head to a top business school – with this type of career path, the school you attend has more of an impact that it does in many industries.

Give your resume a boost with an education from one of the best undergraduate business schools in 2011!

1. University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame’s business school, Mendoza College of Business, has been ranked as the top in the country two years in a row by This school offers opportunities to study abroad, internships, and some of the best professors in world.

2. University of Virginia

With a 93% job placement rate, tons of internship programs, and a rigorous academic schedule, the University of Virginia’s business school comes in second place easy. McIntire has been consistently ranked as one of the best undergrad business schools in the country, so this is a smart choice for any business student, especially those hoping to find a job in banking and finance.

3. Emory University

Located in Atlanta, Emory University’s business school is also great for students interested in finance and accounting. Almost 90% of their students have internships, and after graduating, you can expect to find a job with a company such as PricewaterhouseCoopers or Deloitte.

Of course, there are other awesome business schools in the United States that you can consider that look great on a resume. One of the best choices for education is to decide on a specialization and look for a top-ranked school that has specific focuses in that area. Finance isn’t your only choice. You can also consider:

  • Retail/Production
  • Technology
  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Sustainability
  • Ethics
  • Economics
  • Business Law

After graduating from an undergraduate program, you can increase you chances of getting a job by attending an MBA program at a top-ranked business school, or you can enter the job force in an entry-level position and work your way up to a management position.

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