December 22, 2015

What To Do On The First Day Of Your New Job

Congrats! You landed a brand new job. You’re done with the job search. No more resumes, cover letters, or job interviews. Now it’s time to get to work and earn a paycheck. But you have a lot to figure out first.

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Starting a new job can be a nerve wracking and stressful experience. It’s kind of like the first day of school – You don’t know anybody. You’re not sure where anything is. You still need to learn the ropes. Everyone knows there is a learning curve with a new job, but you still want to stand out on the first day of your new job.

Make People Like You By Doing This

Here’s what you need to do on the first day of your new job:

  • Have An Open Mind – Guess what? Your job is probably not going to be exactly like you imagined. Go in with an open mind and be ready for anything.
  • Master Your Commute – Practice your commute during normal work days before you start work to make sure you know where to go and how much time it takes to get there.
  • Learn Everyone’s Name – Names are hard. Do your best to remember everyone’s name. Write down the important ones and do your best to call people by their name.
  • Ask Questions – You’re not going to grasp everything immediately. Don’t be afraid to ask questions so you understand what’s going on.
  • Get Organized – Take the time to organize your desk or locker. Know where your things are and it will help you settle in. Make your space yours.
  • Prepare Mentally – Take a few deep breaths before you head in to the office. Relax and get ready for your new adventure.
  • Be Friendly – Project a friendly attitude. Say hi. Have conversations. Be nice. This is your first opportunity to build on-going relationships with your new co-workers.
  • Develop A Plan – Set goals and make a plan for what you are going to accomplish in your new job.
  • Make A Good First Impression We all know that first impressions matter. Stay focused all day long because everyone you meet is going to be sizing you up.
  • Wear The Right Outfit – The right attire is necessary for you to feel comfortable and for you to be respected. Always overdress if you’re unsure of what to wear.
  • Be Positive – No matter what happens. Stay positive.
  • Turn Off Your Cell Phone Ringer – You don’t want your cell phone to ring when it’s not supposed to. Turn it off.
  • Define The Social Scene – Try to figure out who’s who in the social and professional pecking order. This might take time, but it’s important to establish who’s who.
  • Take Notes – There’s no way you’re going to remember everything. Take notes so you at least remember the important things like passwords or how to use the coffee machine.
  • Be On Time – Arrive early and leave late. Put in a full day’s work load.
  • Listen Listen to what everyone has to say. You’ll be amazed what you can learn from your co-workers.
  • Observe – Watch what other people do. This can help you define your job and boost your productivity.
  • Say Thank You – Whenever someone helps you do anything, say thank you. It’s easy to do and people appreciate it.
  • Seek A Mentor – Try to find a mentor who can help guide you to success in your new job.
  • Don’t Be Shy – Even if you’re an introvert at heart, be sure to introduce yourself to your new team.

There’s a lot going on during your first day at your new job. Take a deep breath, dive in, and be confident. Starting a new job is something that everyone goes through. Your co-workers were all in your shoes at some point. They know how you feel.

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No one ever said that being a rookie was easy. It’s up to you to shine on the first day of your new job. You put in the time and effort in your job search to land this new job. You beat out the competition. Now your here and it’s time to do your best.

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