August 3, 2010

Where to Find Casino Jobs

One of my favorite ways to relax is to visit my local casino and enjoy some cocktails while I play video poker.

You may not realize it when you’re downing drinks and calling on Lady Luck to help you win some cash, but it takes hundreds or even thousands of employees to keep a casino operational. Contrary to popular believe, casinos aren’t just found in Las Vegas – they’re located across the United States and even around the world. Many casinos hire dealers, bartenders, and other staff members year-round, so finding a casino job is not hard if you know where to look.

Cruise Ship Casinos: If you love to travel, consider working on a cruise ship casino. Jobs are available on both vacation cruises and on riverboats, and these ships have casinos ranging in size from small parlors to large gambling floors. Some boats are even completely devoted to casino games.

The Major Gambling Cities: Las Vegas is of course a Mecca if you’re looking for a casino job, but you can also find high casino concentrations in Atlantic City, Chicago, and Tunica, Mississippi.  Internationally, some of the countries where casinos are popular include Costa Rica, Macau, France, Germany, and the UK.

Casinos in Your State: Gambling is legal, at least in some form, in all states except Utah and Hawaii. Not every state allows commercial or Native American casinos, however, so working in a casino may require you to move to another part of the United States. This gambling legality chart can tell you if casinos are legal in your area.

Online Casinos: Don’t forget that online casinos need workers too! While these sites don’t hire dealers or other staff members in the traditional sense, they do hire web designers, technical support staff, office workers, and other employees to work with online casino gamblers.

Keep in mind that getting a casino job isn’t as easy as filling out an application. Most, if not all, casinos require a background check, financial information, fingerprinting, and more to ensure they’re hiring trustworthy employees. You many also need to go through an educational program or other training to learn how to work at a casino.

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