December 5, 2013

Wine Industry Employers

If you enjoy wine, you’ll enjoy working in the wine industry. The wine industry is a multi-billion dollar niche that employs people all over the world. It’s a growing work place with lots of opportunities.

It’s easy to go to the store and buy a good bottle of wine, but do you know much about where that bottle of wine comes from? It’s a fun, in-depth process that involves lots of people. Maybe it could involve you too. Would you enjoy working in a vineyard or winery in a cool place like California, British Columbia, France, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, or Chile? There are lots of wine jobs out there.

The wine industry is full of cool job titles like winemakers, tasting room staff, distributors, vineyard workers, sales and marketing positions, and sommeliers. These jobs exist in stores, wine bars, resorts, distribution companies, wineries, vineyards, and even with tour organizers. The wine industry is big business.

Does the wine industry sound intriguing? Learn more about wine industry jobs here: Wine Jobs

Is a  job working with wine in your future? You can find the contact details and job listings of the following employers on JobMonkeyJobs:

There are countless employers who specialize in wine. Which one is right for you? The JobMonkey Job Board is the best place to start your wine industry job search. Try it today.

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