Wine Industry Jobs

Even though working in the wine industry sounds alluring and – let’s face it – fun, many wine careers offered require education, certifications, years of experience, and an extensive knowledge of wine that isn’t acquired simply by drinking large quantities of wine.

Wine industry jobs are proving that they can offer exciting and dynamic career opportunities. Many used to perceive a career in the wine industry as narrow as running a vineyard. In today’s world, wine has become a household interest, which has presented a whole new realm of possibilities for the average job seeker. However, if you have a love affair with wine and your dream is to translate this to your life’s work, let’s take a look to see which occupation fits best and to your next required steps.

Although winemaking and other production jobs sound appealing, it can require years of schooling, a serious passion and dedication for wine, a meticulous eye and years of experience. One does not become a winemaker on a whim, but it can be a fulfilling and exciting career for the right individual.

If you prefer outdoor work, perhaps a vineyard job would be the right choice. The type of jobs range from entry level to highly skilled, but typically either previous work experience or some schooling will be required. Picking grapes isn’t quite the same as gardening; it truly is a scientific art form.

Moving on to the business aspect of the wine industry, the sales and marketing avenue may be your path. Most wineries or wholesalers will prefer a bachelor’s degree for these positions. More than that, unless you can sell water to a whale, you should also have a passion for wine knowledge.

If sales aren’t your thing, maybe the numbers game of the wine biz is for you. Finance and accounting opportunities have picked up in the industry as businesses in general continue to grow. As with any other finance or accounting gig, a four-year degree will be required as well as some type of internship experience.

Hospitality and retail jobs are abundant with the ever-growing wine industry. Whether you want to be a wine tour guide or simply work in a wine retail shop, these are terrific entry level positions to get your start in this industry.

General administration positions exist in this industry as much as any. There is still a need for winery receptionists and administrative assistants. And while it may not initially be a dream job, it may be the foot in the door that takes you to the next level.

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