February 15, 2015

12 Jobs That Combine Work and Travel

Were you born to travel? If you’re destined to be a traveler, find a job that helps support your habit. The world is a big place. Why not explore it?

Below are a bunch of jobs that combine work and travel. Why not pursue one of these cool travel jobs?

  1. ESL Teacher – ESL jobs are a popular way to travel and get paid. You’ll need TEFL or TESOL certification, but once you’re certified, their are plenty of options.
  2. Flight Attendant – There are thousands of flights in the air at any given moment. Every one of those flights has flight attendants who take care of the passengers. Once the flight lands, those flight attendants get to go and explore their new destination.
  3. Volunteer – There are so many volunteer opportunities out there. It really depends on what you want to do – Monitor sea turtles in Costa Rica? Join the Peace Corp in Uruguay? Develop clean water systems in Nepal? Explore your options.
  4. Travel Blogger – Armchair travelers love blogs about traveling. If you have a talent for writing captivating prose with a unique perspective or have a knack for highlighting the road less traveled, then get a blog, make a logo, and create a slogan. It’s not too hard to monetize your blog and get paid to travel the globe.
  5. Cruise Ship Jobs – Cruise ships are like self contained cities. They need all sorts of workers to entertain guests, clean rooms, pilot ships, lead tours, provide first aid, give massages, and so much more. Plus, they travel to some of the most scenic places in the world.
  6. Truck Driver – Hundreds of thousands of miles of roads criss-cross the world. They lead to every corner of the earth. The world needs dedicated truck drivers to deliver goods to all of these places. FYI – there’s a shortage of truck drivers, so this is a great niche to pursue!
  7. Travel Consultant – Kind of like a travel agent, travel consultants help people get ready for their vacation. You’ll need to be an expert on visas, travel safety, travel products, flights, and more. It’s one of those jobs where you can’t provide information about traveling, unless you’ve been traveling.
  8. Telecommuting Guru – The world of telecommuting is rapidly gaining popularity. It’s great for you and it saves your boss money. Why not see if telecommuting is a good choice for you and your job?
  9. Travel Nurse – First aid skills are in demand. Nurses travel the globe to take care of patients in far flung destinations.
  10. Au Pair – Au pairs are essentially nannies in a foreign country. Being an au pair is a fantastic way to live abroad, get paid, and be a part of a family. The one pre-req is that you need to love children!
  11. International Employment – Working abroad isn’t that hard when you apply for jobs with the right companies. Check out some of the resort job listings or search for a job abroad today.
  12. Roadie – When musicians, theater productions, and shows go on the road, roadies are there to help. They are set up and take down experts. Plus, they get to meet the rock stars and see the shows. Cool.

If you really want to combine work and travel, you can do it. Pack your bags and start your job search today. Just be sure to stop by the JobMonkey Facebook page to let us know where your work takes you.

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