June 24, 2010

Working for the World Cup

Everyone has World Cup fever right now. As you try to tune out the vuvuzelas to watch your favorite teams play, has it ever crossed your mind that you could actually work for FIFA in planning the World Cup? Every four years, the organization needs thousands of employees and volunteers to make this even run as smoothly as possible, and while many of the jobs go to people in the World Cup host country, workers from around the world are needed to help with this event.

Tourism World Cup Jobs

This year, South Africa estimates that nearly half a million people will attend World Cup games over the span of six weeks. So, you can look for jobs simply by visiting the cities where the World Cup games are being held. Hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and shops have created an estimated 80,000 new jobs to deal with the World Cup in South Africa. This happens every year the World Cup is held in its respective host country. While these jobs may be temporary, if you like traveling and want the chance to do something different, you can find tourism jobs quite easily in the months leading up to the World Cup.

Construction and Transportation World Cup Jobs

Like with tourism, construction and transportation booms in the country where the World Cup is held before and during the event. Remember, hundreds of thousands of people travel to the host country for the games. Logistically, that can be a nightmare, since most cities where games are being held would never otherwise see that volume of tourist traffic. As soon as the next host city is announced, you can find construction jobs in that country. Again, these jobs are temporary in many cases, but if you like to travel and want to do something different with your life, this is a great opportunity to make money.


Of course, you can also help plan the World Cup by applying for a job with FIFA itself. FIFA hires event planners, advertisers, accountants, and more, and this includes both full-time staff who have permanent jobs and temporary staff just for the World Cup. If you love soccer, working for FIFA can be an exciting opportunity to get heavily involved with the game.

World Cup Volunteers

Keep in mind that FIFA also needs volunteers every year to make the World Cup a success. Even though you don’t get paid, there are perks to being a volunteer. You have access to games for free in many cases, and might even get to meet World Cup players and coaches. This is also good experience for your resume. FIFA accepts volunteer applications about a year before the world cup is held, so check their website for more information at that point.

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