June 4, 2017

13 Workplace Productivity Killers To Avoid At All Costs

Are you easily distracted? What’s holding you back from getting your work done? Our world is filled with distractions. It’s amazing that we can get anything done at all. Almost everyone is guilty of wasting time at work. But did you know that wasting time at work can hurt your career? If you want to be a real professional, you need to avoid workplace productivity killers at all costs.

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You’re A Time Waster And Your Boss Knows It

Take a minute to consider how you spend your “work” day. Do you really understand how your time is spent? When you land a job, you are getting paid to do that job. Yet, workers around the world spend a good chunk of their time at work goofing off and ultimately their productivity plummets. But why does this happen?

Below you’ll find a list of the top workplace productivity killers, including:

  1. Email
  2. Smartphones
  3. Meetings
  4. Interruptions
  5. Daydreaming
  6. Lack of goals/deadlines
  7. Gossiping
  8. Breaks
  9. Lack of sleep
  10. Co-workers
  11. Life distractions
  12. Social media
  13. Internet Searches

Be honest. How many of these things are you guilty of at work? If you’re a time waster, your boss will notice and it can cause you some major headaches down the line. When you waste time, it can hurt your chances of getting a raise, landing a promotion, or climbing the career ladder. Wasting time can even effect your future references and can potentially cause you to get fired. Yikes!

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Distractions are everywhere. It’s up to you to ensure that you avoid workplace productivity killers like the ones listed above if you want to a true professional.Now stop reading this article and get back to work!

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