August 18, 2015

23 Warning Signs That You’re About To Be Fired

No one wants to be fired. It’s a permanent scar on your professional career. It means you’re unemployed, out of a paycheck, and back on the job hunt. Getting fired is always an unfortunate situation, but it happens to people everyday.

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The most common reasons for getting fired include having a bad attitude, failing to produce results, having poor relationships with clients and co-workers, not adapting to office culture, being incompetent, and being a victim of layoffs or corporate mergers. Most of these things you can control, but some you cannot.

Most of the time it’s easy to spot subtle signs that you’re about to be fired. Have you noticed any of the following things happening to you at your workplace?

  1. A new boss or a change in company leadership is demanding changes.
  2. You received a negative performance review.
  3. The company’s financials are down.
  4. You made a major mistake.
  5. You haven’t stayed up-to-date on your job.
  6. You let your certifications/licenses lapse.
  7. You bad mouthed your company, boss, clients, co-workers, etc on social media.
  8. You’re being micro-managed.
  9. Disciplinary action was taken against you.
  10. There is a drastic relationship change between you and the boss.
  11. You are left out of important meetings and projects.
  12. You aren’t producing results.
  13. You did something unethical or illegal.
  14. The company slowly took away your responsibilities.
  15. People avoid you at the office.
  16. You’ve been asked to take a vacation.
  17. You consistently miss deadlines.
  18. You’re asked to write your own job description (or you found a job listing for your own job!)
  19. You’re company was recently acquired by another company or it has merged with another company.
  20. You didn’t get a raise when other people did.
  21. You got caught searching for a new job on the work computer.
  22. You’ve been asked to train your own replacement.
  23. A robot can you do your job more efficiently and cheaper than you.

None of these signs are conclusive evidence that you might lose your job. They are just things to note. Pay attention to your work environment, attitude, relationships, and performance – these are the biggest indicators that things might be changing. If things seem like they are heading downhill quickly, it might be time to reassess your current situation.

What To Do If You’ve Been Fired

These signs often indicate that you might not have much time left working for your current employer – maybe a week or a month. If getting fired is inevitable, you might want to consider quitting your job before you get fired. It might look better on your resume down the line.

Whether you quit or you get fired, visit JobMonkey to get your job search back on the right track. You’ll bounce back before you know it!

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