July 19, 2016

15 Tips To Become The Most Productive Person Ever

Are you productive? Do you wish you could become the most productive person ever? If you could efficiently complete every task that you wanted to in a timely manner, you would have so much more time for you. Be more productive and this could be your reality. It would be amazing, right?

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8 Steps To Train Yourself To Be More Productive

Whether you’re on the job or searching for your next job, productivity plays a major role in your life. The more productive you can be the better. It’s all about getting things done, but how do you become more productive?

If you truly want to become the most productive person ever, try this:

  1. Get Organized – Organization is key to getting things done. Make lists, know where things are, and be orderly.
  2. Create A Routine – Establish a routine that works for you. This applies to mornings, work, and free time. When you’re in a routine things will get done quicker.
  3. Make A Schedule – Time management is important. Create a schedule and stick with it.
  4. Maximize Your Optimal Times – Are you an early bird or a night owl? Find out when you get the most done and do your work then.
  5. Ditch The Excuses – No more excuses. It’s your responsibility to get things done, so just do it.
  6. Do The Hardest Things First – Knock out the tough stuff first. It’s a rewarding feeling to finish things that are challenging. Then the easy stuff is even easier.
  7. Make A To-Do List – Write down what you need to do. Then when you accomplish a task cross if off your list.
  8. Create Deadlines (And Stick to Them) – Deadlines will make you work harder and faster to get things done. When you make a deadline, stick to it no matter what.
  9. Do Not Multi-Task – Multi-tasking sounds like a great way to get more things done in a quicker time frame, but in reality multitasking doesn’t work. Focus on one task at a time and give it 100% of your attention.
  10. Focus On The Puzzle Pieces Not The Puzzle – If work seems overwhelming, break a bigger project into smaller projects. Then each piece of the puzzle will slowly fall into place.
  11. Exercise – Go outside and get some exercise. It will help to focus your mind and body so that you can boost productivity.
  12. Eliminate Distractions – Try to create a more productive workplace. Distractions slow you down and impact your work. Invest in headphones, change chairs, or turn off your smartphone ringer. Little things make a difference.
  13. Reward Yourself – When you accomplish a task, reward yourself. A simple reward can motivate you to get things done quickly.
  14. Limit Your Commuting – It’s challenging to get things done when you’re commuting. Cut down on your commute time and use that time effectively.
  15. Be Held Accountable – Tell someone what you plan to do and you’re more likely to accomplish it. It could be your friends, your family, or your blog audience. Share your goals publicly and it will put pressure on you to complete your tasks in a timely fashion.

As Walt Disney said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” So go and be more productive. You’ll be glad you did when that mountain of work is done and over. Discover more inspirational quotes on JobMonkey.com.

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Are you going to become the most productive person ever? We think you will.

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