May 25, 2014

Spotlight: Wrangler Jobs

Are you a fan of the frontier lifestyle? Then maybe you should apply for a job on a dude ranch where you can work as a wrangler.

Wranglers live and work on remote ranches in western states like Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana called dude ranches. Dude ranches offer destination guests a taste of what life on a ranch is all about. It’s a very cool niche that is well worth pursuing.

Dude ranches typically employ wranglers to work with and handle animals in scenic, inspirational, and wild terrain. Wranglers spend most of their time caring for horses and helping dude ranch guests interact with the horses and the environment. It’s a fun and rewarding way to earn a paycheck.

Wranglers put in long, labor intensive work days. The job description of a wrangler is lengthy because wranglers are really a jack of all trades. Depending on the day, they might be:

  • Setting up camp for guests
  • Caring for horses
  • Providing scenic tours
  • Rounding up cattle
  • Cooking dinner for guests
  • Taking guests on horse rides
  • Fixing fences
  • Camping out
  • Maintaining trails
  • Grooming and tacking

Learn more about wrangler requirements here.

Most people who pursue wrangler jobs have experience riding horses. They must be able to work strenuous, long days. One of the most important skills they need to master is guest service because they are constantly working with guests from all walks of life.

Find out what wrangler life is really about with this cool interview with a real life wrangler.

Wranglers enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Working with a team of other passionate people makes for a great work environment. As a wrangler, every day is a bit different and that makes it exciting to wake up early and go to work.

Are you interested in finding work as a wrangler? Currently there are lots of dude ranch employers advertising for wrangler positions. All you need to do is apply. You can search for wrangler jobs on the job board or you can check out these dude ranch employer links. Enjoy!


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