Wrangler Jobs

As you’re reading through this information make a note to check out the equine jobs page in our Working with Animals section.

Three Dude Ranch Wranglers on Horses

Wrangler Job Responsibilities May Include:

  • Other duties as assigned
  • round up the horses each morning
  • groom & tack
  • train horses
  • caring for sick and injured animals
  • guide guests on trail rides
  • give guests instruction in basic horsemanship, riding lessons and horse care
  • interact with guests to make each ride safe, educational, and fun
  • breakfast rides, steak rides, moonlight rides, and overnight pack trips
  • assist barn boss (or head wrangler) assign horse to guests to fit their skill level, experience, and size
  • assist head wrangler (or barn boss) assign guests into riding groups, using whatever criteria the ranch has established
  • eating meals with guests, visiting with them in the evenings and just being there for them when they have “horse” questions
  • leading children’s arena games (with Children’s Wrangler)
  • telling endless (clean) jokes and humorous stories
  • leading daily hikes and climbs
  • taking guests fishing
  • taking guests on off road jeep trips
  • providing or assisting with ranch entertainment (usually in the evenings) and assisting with children’s programming (including weekly overnight kids campout)
  • both picking up candy wrappers, and teaching children the minimal impact ethic.
  • perform barn and tack maintenance
  • maintaining and cleaning tack, being sure all is safe and in good working order
  • maintaining facilities, corrals, arena, trails, grounds (manure happens)
  • trail maintenance
  • fencing and general ranch chores
  • managing manure inventory and placement
  • Maintaining vehicles and ranch equipment so they don’t get broken
  • Fixing vehicles and ranch equipment when they do get broken
  • Fixing other broken things
  • Lots of housekeeping, yard maintenance, trash removal, dishwashing, toilets and related romantic cowboy stuff

JobMonkey has a lot of information about working as a wrangler. Be sure to use our site search to track down the material. Meanwhile, here are some more Wrangler Requirements:

  • be knowledgeable about horses, with horsemanship skills demonstrated, either through personal interview or videotape
  • dress western, appears neat
  • ambitious and hard working
  • positive attitude and strong work ethic
  • able to get along well with our guests (read this again)
  • go back and read the line above
  • familiar with riding in rough terrain
  • have a good sense of direction
  • Growing up with animals of all types is a definite asset.
  • experience with novice riders
  • knowledge of safety standards for horse care and handling and equipment used in horse care
  • First-Aid and CPR certification
  • camp cooking and packing skills a plus
  • Most, but not all ranches require you to be 18 years old
  • able to lift and carry 85 pounds a minimum of 100 feet while working at 8,000 feet altitude
  • drive vehicles with stick shift
  • Must be able to communicate to the public with tact and clarity, and exhibit a patient and knowledgeable attitude with horses.


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