With the holiday shopping rush coming up rapidly, employers are doing anything they can to hire people. The National Retail Federation is predicting at least 730,000 additional retail workers this holiday season. Delivery companies like FedEx and UPS need extra delivery drivers to move millions of packages. Other businesses are getting ready for the holiday boom and that means now is the time to get hired.

A cool post by the Wall Street Journal, points out that many companies are avoiding traditional seasonal hiring methods and are advertising jobs in unique ways like social media. Companies like Beverages and More Inc. has posted 1000 jobs on social media. Crate & Barrel is blasting out job listings via Twitter. The Container Store is sending out emails and posting on LinkedIn and Facebook. If you’re online, visit your favorite retailer’s social media pages to see if you can find your next job.

It’s always safe to stick to the traditional job search methods too. Visit the job board to check out job listings from these companies that are on a hiring spree in November:

Get your resume ready and find your holiday job now. There are countless job openings this month. Take advantage of this hiring spree. When you land a seasonal, holiday job, be sure to do your best. It’s common for seasonal jobs to turn into full time cool careers.

If none of the above retailers appeal to you, head over to the JobMonkey Job Board to search thousands of other job listings right now. Best of luck!

Learning a language can be a daunting task. It’s an entirely new way to communicate that takes time to learn and master. When you learn a foreign language, it will help you get ahead in your professional world, but it also is a life skill that will help you forever.

Being multi-lingual is one of the best ways to establish your uniqueness. Knowing a second language is a huge bonus on any resume for any job and will help your job search. It boosts your marketability. It helps you to interact with more people, clients, and companies. It can increase your chances to get a raise. It opens up international job opportunities. Go ahead and search job listings on the JobMonkey Job Board. How many jobs are looking for bi-lingual applicants? A bunch.

What language do you want to learn? Mandarin, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, or Arabic? There are thousands of languages to choose from, but these are the ones that are most likely to help you get ahead at work. Mastering a language can take a lifetime, but you can become proficient in a matter of months. Here are some helpful tips to learn a language quickly:

  • Learn The Right Words First – Dial in the important words that you need to know first like bathroom, talk, or eat. Then worry about the words you don’t use in every day life like bear, file, or scarf.
  • Use The Language Regularly – Set up a routine where you use the language daily. Spend an hour or more each day listening, watching, reading, and writing. These are the best tools to learn a foreign language.
  • Speak With Native Speakers – Learning from native speakers is the best way to pick up a language. You can do this by visiting a country, which is expensive. You can also speak with native speakers via Skype on italki for $5 per hour.
  • Never Leave Home Without A Pocket Dictionary – Keep a dictionary on you at all times. Look up new words and increase your vocabulary.
  • Think In A Foreign Language – Start to think about everything you do in your new language.
  • Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure – You’re going to mess up. You’ll probably embarrass yourself multiple times. It’s part of the learning process.

There are lots of places to learn a foreign language. You can sign up for a college class, buy Rosetta Stone, or move to a foreign country. Everyone thrives in a different learning environment. How do you learn best? Here are a bunch of free or cheap online resources where you can learn a foreign language:

  1. BBC Langauges
  2. Memrise
  3. Rhinospike
  4. Foreign Service Institute
  5. Doulingo
  6. Babbel
  7. My Language Exchange
  8. LiveMocha
  9. Anki
  10. Google Translate
  11. Polygot Club
  12. Open Culture
  13. Omniglot
  14. Lang 8
  15. Forvo
  16. Busuu
  17. Mango Languages

Technology is changing the way we learn. Take advantage of all of the free online education available to you. You aren’t going to learn Mandarin or Arabic overnight, but you will over time. Create realistic learning goals and strive to achieve them.

You can learn a foreign language for free. It takes time and practice, but it’s not as daunting a task as you might originally think. The free resources are there. You just need to supply the interest and drive to learn. When you become fluent in a second (or third) language it will open plenty of doors for you. Working abroad, getting a raise, and easy traveling are all within your grasp when your multi-lingual.

Enjoy the learning process and study a foreign language today. When you’re ready, apply for your dream job.

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