June 20, 2017

9 Steps To Become A Vlogger

Do you want a creative job that offers flexibility, freedom, and the opportunity to be your own boss? Why don’t you become a vlogger? A vlogger is like a blogger who focuses on video content instead of written content. Vlogging is a growing online niche that has a low cost of of entry and huge […]

June 16, 2017

16 Tips For Finding A Job As A New Graduate

Congratulations! You’re a college graduate. After years of studying and honing your education potential, you’re keen and eager to enter the working world, right? Before you start applying for jobs, we have a few tips for finding a job as a new graduate. Job Search Advice For New College Grads Did you know that toughly […]

June 10, 2017

9 Scary Health Risks Of Desk Jobs

Are you sitting down right now? According to a USNews.com, a staggering 86% of American workers sit all day while at work. But we don’t just sit at work. We also sit while eating, relaxing, commuting, or surfing the Internet. It’s absolutely shocking how much time people spend sitting each day. 26 Active Jobs That […]

June 9, 2017

Spotlight: Film And TV Extras

Lights. Camera. Action! What do movies, television shows, musicals, theater shows, and advertisements all have in common? They all require extras. Extras are background actors who do not have speaking roles. These silent individuals come from all walks of life and earn decent money to appear on camera. Sounds like a cool job opportunity, right? […]

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