Everyone has a job search secret weapon. You just have to choose to use it.

The Internet is an amazing thing. Whether you work from your home office in San Francisco, log-in at a public library in rural Alaska, tap in a web search on your smart phone in Rocky Mountain National Park, or visit an Internet cafe in Costa Rica, the Internet is always there. Nearly anything you could ever want to look up is online. From cookie recipes to car specifications to emails to useless trivia – it’s all just a few clicks away.

If you’re not online, you’re way behind the times. In today’s modern world, technology rules. Email, social media, video conferences, blogs, websites, e-commerce, job boards, television – it’s all online. Even you. Go ahead and try to Google yourself. Something will come up. It could be your professional LinkedIn profile, pictures of debauchery on your Facebook page, #yourbesttweets, a criminal record, news, your blog, or something you don’t even know about yet. It’s all there for the world to see.

It’s a bit nerve-wracking that people can learn so much about you so easily, but don’t fret. The Internet is also your job search secret weapon. Creating a web presence is the absolute best thing you can do for your job search. Take advantage of what is available to you online. Do it right now before someone Googles you with unimpressive results.

When you use the Internet as your job search secret weapon, be sure to:

Sign-Up For Social Media – Sign up and log-in to social media. You need a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. Take the time to create a professional profile on all of these sites even if you don’t use them regularly. Establish yourself and monitor what goes onto your pages.

Buy A Domain – A domain is something like http://www.jobmonkey.com/. If you want a website or blog you will need a domain. You can purchase your own domain for around $10 per year. You can search for domain names and purchase them from sites like GoDaddy or HostMonster. This is a minimal cost for a website that highlights your resume, portfolio, friends and much more. Purchase your domain now before someone else does. You can use your name or get creative.

Start A Blog – Blogging is a great way to establish your professional reputation. It makes you stay on top of your industry, develop a following, and impress recruiters. You can even use that domain that you just bought. If you’re really good at blogging you can even make money as a blogger. Choose a niche and treat your blog as a business – with enough fans and followers it could become your career.

Network – You’ll be amazed at who finds you, follows you, likes you, shares your posts, and tweets your ideas. The world is an amazingly small place and all sorts of acquaintances will want to reconnect. That’s fine, but keep it pro at all time.

Management – Now that you have blogs, social media outlets, contacts, and websites you have to constantly manage what goes on them. Spam comments, inappropriate pictures, and update as necessary to keep your web presence up-to-date. An out-of-date web presence doesn’t look good to a recruiter.

You can create and manage your web presence for cheap. If you want to kickstart your job search, establish who you are and what your personal brand is via the Internet. People will find you. If you can impress them, you’ll be one step closer to landing a job.

Most people do not take advantage of this job search secret weapon. With today’s current competitive job market, having a web presence is no longer an option. It’s mandatory and it’s the only way to skyrocket your chances of getting hired. Create your web presence today. It will make a difference in your job search.

Job interviews are stressful. It’s your first face to face with your potential employer. It’s scary to be in the hot seat getting grilled about your work experience, ethics, and interests. You have to be on your toes and think quickly. Most job interviewees will spend hours researching companies, competitors, products, and people before they nervously head to the actual in-person interview.

Before you even get the interview call or email, you’ve gone through a huge part of the job search process. Now you’ve got a shot at actually landing a job and there’s a lot to think about – including what you’re going to wear to the interview.

First impressions mean a lot. Appearances play a major role in that process and you want to look professional. It’s necessary to wear an outfit that expresses who you are and the job you’re hoping to get. It’s easy to decide what NOT to wear to a job interview, but it’s tricky to figure out the perfect outfit. There are more than enough websites that will tell you exactly what you need to wear to your job interview. Go ahead and Google it. There’s some great advice out there.

We found an awesome article from Veronica Park that talks about What To Wear To A Job Interview (and WHY). She also has some other great posts worth checking out!

The post agrees that looking professional is the key to the interview outfit mystery, but Veronica goes on to explore 3 items that will actually help you land the job. Here they are:

  • The Conversation Piece – This is your own personal flair. It’s an item like a scarf, tie pin, necklace, or watch. Think about it as apparel that can jumpstart a conversation. It’s something that tells a story. Ideally the recruiter will comment or compliment your conversation piece and that will lead to a personal conversation that goes beyond the doldrums of a job interview.
  • Status Pieces: The Illusion of Affluence – Veronica explains that employers are “more likely to offer a job to candidates who demonstrate that they want the job, but don’t necessarily need the job.” Take a minute to register that because it seems a bit batty. One way to achieve this is to have a status piece such as a ring or watch. Maybe a Rolex? Be sure you are able to chat about the status piece that you wear.
  • The Unique Human Touch – Recruiters are a picky bunch. You would be too after interviewing hundreds of look-a-likes for the same job. They are often looking for any reason (dirty hair, stubble, grimy fingernails) or imperfection to trash your resume. If you give them an obvious flaw right away, they’ll stop looking and focus on you. Some examples Veronica uses are to try to wear glasses which makes you appear smarter and more reliable or to grow a beard to make you look more mature and trustworthy. There are many options that will make you appear imperfect.

Definitely read Veronica Park’s post. It dives into more details and even gives example conversations on how to use the pieces to your best advantage. The goal of all of these outfit additions is to get the recruiter to remember you. You don’t want to be one more boring guy in a suit. You want to tell a story beyond your resume that helps to bring you to life in the recruiter’s mind. It’s amazing how a simple addition to your outfit can boost your chances of getting hired.

Remember these outfit tips when you’re heading to your next job interview. It could help you land the job.

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