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Focus on Seasonal Jobs

Volume VIII, Issue #12

Happy Monday! For those who celebrate the holidays this is a great week. We at JobMonkey certainly wish all of our newsletter subscribers a very happy holidays.

This week in the JM Newsletter, we'll be talking about seasonal jobs. Afterall, 'tis the season for retail work. But winter isn't the only time of year that seasonal work is abundant. Check out our Spotlight article for a look at some of the most popular seasonal jobs - winter, spring, summer or fall.


1) Spotlight: Seasonal Jobs For Any Season
2) Around the Monkey: 5 Tips for Job Hunting During the Holiday Season
3) Job Announcements: Seasonal Jobs

Next week, we'll tell you all about working from home - specifically how to find jobs working from home without getting scammed.

SPOTLIGHT: Seasonal Jobs for Any Season

'Tis the season to land a part-time job in retail. The pay might not be stellar, but the hours are flexible and there is usually a sweet employee discount to go along with the deal. Whether you are a student, a stay-at-home mom or a job seeker in need of cash, seasonal gigs are a great way to go. And if working at the mall over the Christmas season isn't your cup of tea, take heart: There are a host of temporary jobs out there, some for every season of the year.

Fall/Winter Seasonal Jobs

The biggest seasonal draw for wintertime employment, besides holiday retail jobs, is ski resort jobs. Every year, thousands of people trade in their briefcases and backpacks for jobs at America's ski resorts. If you want to learn more, JobMonkey is your lift ticket to seasonal ski resort employment at premier spots like Vail, Aspen, Park City and Stowe.

From ski and snowboard instructors to technicians, ski patrol and life operators, the JobMonkey lays out how to find housing and cope with life in a ski town to how to get your instructor certification and maximize your salary and benefit package.

Spring/Summer Seasonal Jobs

As the weather warms up, the number of seasonal employment opportunities multiplies. Some of the more popular gigs include:

  • Alaska fishing boat jobs - Although the seafood industry operates year-round, the number of available job jumps from May through September.
  • Alaska summer tourism - If gutting a fish is the last thing you'd want to do, the state of Alaska still offers a host of other adventuresome opportunities, including in lodges, hotels, rail lines and national parks.
  • Summer camp jobs - There are summer camps in every state in the nation with thousands of different jobs, from counselor to cook to nurse to handyman.
  • Theme park jobs - You can make your dreams come true with a summer job at Disney World... or any of America's hundreds of other water parks, theme parks and other summer time attractions.
  • National park jobs - There is no greater adventure than working at one of America's breathtaking national parks. Seasonal opportunities for rangers, educators, counselors and tour guides abound.

No matter where you are located or the skill set you possess, there is a summer job out there just for you. Check out many different industries on JobMonkey.

AROUND THE MONKEY: Job Hunting During the Holidays

Getting a seasonal job is a great way to further your full-time job search. In fact, it is #4 on the list of Five Tips for Job Hunting During the Holiday Season, which was featured on the JobMonkey blog last week. If you are in the market for a full-time job, you will definitely want to check out this post.

JOB OPENINGS: Seasonal Jobs

If you are thinking about a seasonal job (or if you are looking for a full-time job, too), start your search by checking out the free job boards at JobMonkey. You can narrow your search by field or location. Here are two hot new Seasonal Employment opportunities that showed up on the boards earlier this month:

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