August 4, 2010

Volunteer Benefits in the News

Before we round out the Visa Series, I wanted to share with you an article that I came across in Saturday’s New York Times. We have focused on things like types of volunteer jobs, logistics of volunteer jobs and great places to volunteer abroad, and while we have touched upon the benefits a bit, we haven’t gone into detail about how to leverage a volunteer experience for things like getting a job or getting into college.

July 30, 2010

Healthcare Jobs in the United Arab Emirates

I’m taking a break from The VISA Series to talk about some alternatives to jobs that we typically see here on the JobMonkey Blog when we are talking about working and volunteering abroad. Teaching, non-profit and volunteer work are all popular reasons to leave home and work in a foreign country, but what about traveling for high-paying healthcare jobs abroad?

July 25, 2010

The Visa Series Part III: Permanent Residence Visas

We’ve talked about the more basic kinds of visas – tourist and temporary – which are (relatively) painless to apply for and obtain. The permanent residency visa for working abroad is an entirely different kettle of fish. It is nearly impossible to be exhaustive about what it takes to obtain a permanent residency visa abroad for any one country, let alone all of them – there is so much information, I am bound to leave something out. Instead, I will try to give you the basics so that when you are ready to apply, you know what to have, what to know, and what to ask.

July 16, 2010

The Visa Series Part I: Tourist Visas

Earlier this summer, we talked a bit about the logistics of working abroad – essentially the nuts and bolts of finding (and keeping) a job abroad. This stuff (like airline tickets and insurance) isn’t exactly riveting, it is essential. The last thing that you want in a foreign country is to have to spend your time filling out paperwork and visiting the embassy for things that you could have dealt with before you left.

July 9, 2010

Work Abroad Ideas – Freelance and Travel Writing

Sometimes traveling abroad is about just that – traveling. People don’t always decide to live abroad because they are looking for a cultural experience at work, but rather because they enjoy travel. Picking up work along the way may be easy for some, and more challenging for others. For those with a proclivity for writing and some expertise about a certain topic, freelance writing jobs provide a means of income that you can do from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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