September 15, 2017

8 Tips To Avoid Job Search Burnout

How many hours have you spent focused on the job search? Over time the never-ending job search starts to take a toll on your mind and body. If you’re starting to feel frustrated, helpless, exhausted, and overwhelmed, it’s time to read up on how you can avoid job search burnout.

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Whenever there is pressure to find a job and collect a paycheck, it creates a certain amount of stress in our life. Add in the countless hours of staring at a screen sorting and sifting through job listings, writing and customizing resumes and cover letters, attending job interviews, and networking with other professionals and it seems like the job search might go on forever. Throw in a few soul crushing rejections and you have the perfect recipe for job search burnout.

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Everyone wants a fast-paced job search that ends quickly, but that’s not always the case. The job search can take time and it’s best to prepare yourself for a long, hard-fought battle. To be successful, you cannot let job search burnout get the best of you.

Here are a handful of tips that will help you avoid job search burnout. Apply them to your situation immediately:

  1. Live A Healthy Lifestyle – Take time to exercise. Choose healthy foods. Don’t neglect your mental and physical health just because you’re determined to find a job.
  2. Find A Job Search-Life Balance – Just like work-life balance, you need job search-life balance. Treat the job search like a job, but make time for yourself to relax, socialize, and enjoy life.
  3. Be Realistic – A simple change in mindset can go a long ways. Set realistic goals, time frames, and expectations.
  4. Try New Tactics – Does it seem like nothing is working? Don’t be afraid to try new job search strategies. You never know what might work.
  5. Utilize Technology – Technology Is a fantastic resource that can streamline your job search. Job alerts, digital resumes, and social media have changed the game.
  6. Log Face Time – Getting out and interacting with other people does wonders for job seekers. Leave the computer, tablet, and smartphone behind. Go meet people. The connections you make are the answer to your job search blues.
  7. Know When To Say No – Understand your limits. Don’t overextend yourself. Learn how to say no.
  8. Get Organized – Missing a deadline or losing out on a job opportunity because of disorganization is unacceptable. Organize your life and your job search so that you can stay on top of the details.

Whatever happens in your job search, remember that everyone must face the job search at some point. Everyone can relate to how you feel. No matter what happens, stay positive. There’s a job out there for you. You just have to find it.

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