July 1, 2010

Six Tips to Help You Become a Model

Imagine spending your workdays not behind an officer desk or flipping burgers, but working with some of the world’s best photographers and traveling to exotic locations to have your picture taken.

Breaking into the modeling industry isn’t easy, but if becoming a model is your dream, you can use the following six tips to make that dream into a reality. Don’t worry – America’s Next Top Model isn’t your only option!

Tip #1: Dress like a model.

If you want to be a model, you need to dress like one all the time, since you never know when an opportunity might arise. No, that doesn’t mean you have to dress in the latest fashions. On the contrary, as a model, you should look clean and classic. Wear natural-looking makeup and timeless outfits that show off your figure without being too revealing. You want to appear as a blank slate for designers.

Tip #2: Invest in modeling classes.

You might be a natural model, but if take modeling classes, your skills will improve tenfold. This is also a great way to network with other models and even meet talent scouts and agents.

Tip #3: Create a portfolio.

While you can get by on just a headshot, designers will be more comfortable hiring you if you have a body of work already, shown in a portfolio. If you haven’t been hired for any jobs yet, don’t worry. You can hire a photographer of your own to take some pictures, look for local photography students who are interested in filling their portfolios as well, or volunteer to model for nonprofits in your area.

Tip #4: Create social networking pages online.

The Internet is a great marketing tool for models, so take full advantage and start a Twitter account, Myspace page, Facebook profile, etc. Make sure you’re careful about what you say on these public profiles. Never bash an agency or company, share confidential information about designers, or complain too much, as it will come off that its difficult to work with you. Be pleasant and put your best face forward online.

Tip #5: Treat every meeting, audition, or go-see like a job interview.

If you were going on a job interview, you would prepare by reading up on the company, thinking about how you’ll answer questions, and practicing. That’s how you should approach meetings as a model. Essentially, they are mini job interviews, and if you show them that you’re prepared, they’ll be more likely to hire you.

Tip #6: Get your passport.

Some clients will ask you to travel overseas, and today, you have to have a passport even to go to other North American countries. If you don’t have your passport, it can takes months to apply for one, so designers will pass you up for another model who is better prepared.

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