Marketing Yourself as a Model

Marketing yourself as a model is a business all on its own and some people even hire marketing agents and professionals to promote themselves. If you have a good agent, this is what they are paid to do for you and you should be able to get by with just having your name on their books. Sometimes however if you want to make your own career and speed things up a bit, you can also find ways to market yourself that will not interfere with your agents rules and policies. Once you have joined an agency, you cannot join another one.

Marketing Yourself through Social Media to Build You Modeling Career

One of the first and most successful ways in this modern age is to find options on the Internet. These should be free ways to create awareness and give yourself more exposure. You can create a social networking page such as that on Facebook where you can upload your portfolio images and promote your services. Join as many groups as you can and even make a YouTube video for people to enjoy.

You can also find plenty of listing websites where you can list your services, photo and details for free to potential advertisers, designers and other industry professionals. There are specific websites like StarNow that offer this kind of service as well as job opportunities to models, actors, dancers and singers only.

Marketing can also come in the form of getting interviewed on radio or TV or for magazines. Here you can really get a lot of exposure and people will remember your name. You can also participate in various events that will get people’s attention. If you are still looking to get the attention of designers and branding companies then why not get a job as a waiter at one of the corporate functions or fashion weeks. Your agent can find out the details of all the industry events and functions that you can offer your services for.

Marketing yourself can also come from getting the right jobs that will give your career a break. Getting the career breaking jobs can be hard, as all the other models are also competing for them. The best way to get this break is to be consistent in keeping in contact with your agent. Make a friend of them so that they will remember you. If you don’t ever follow through with work and if you don’t keep your portfolio updated people including your agent will start to forget you. Don’t let this happen. Go to every call you are given and make an impression.

The promotion of products is your job, so why not use the power you have as well as the training you have been given to sell yourself. Always look great, and have a model attitude all the time. Sometimes the best models that are given just the right break are seen on the beach by talent scouts or in the mall. Wherever you go, always look great, even if you are just wearing tracksuit pants and a sweater. Don’t let your guard down at all and soon someone will take note and give you the perfect opportunity that you have been waiting for.

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