Modeling Classes

Starting out as a model would be quite a difficult job if you were not trained in the different aspects there are. Every model that joins an agency will have to complete a 3 month or longer course, to teach the various areas regarding modeling. The following are sections of the model training program that Mrs. Faulkner received when she started modeling:


Deportment is the way you carry yourself and this will teach you how to stand and hold yourself to look your best during fashion shows for ramp models and for certain photographic poses. For example, they will teach you how to stand with your legs bent, knees together and toes out to create that gap between the legs that you see in magazines. There are many different ways of standing and holding yourself so that you look thinner and have better posture.

Beautiful Female Model Poses for Photo

Model Etiquette

In modeling there is a certain etiquette that needs to be maintained when it comes to various types of modeling. You will be taught what to do and say when you go to shoots and fashion shows, how to act and behave amongst other things, and how to work with other industry professionals like photographers, make up artists and hair stylists.

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You will need to learn how to apply your own make up for photographs. Sometimes you are not given make-up artists and when you go for your portfolio shots you will have to go ready made up. There are also different ways of applying your make up for black and white photos and color photos, and ramp work will require heavier stage make-up.

Ramp Work

You are taught mainly how to walk and turn for this section. There are 3 point turns and single turns and the walking and turning will also differ depending on what outfit you are modeling. Your swimwear modeling, street or casual wear modeling and long evening gown modeling will also differ as will the turns, to navigate around the outfits and show them off to their best ability.

Styles of Ramp Work

There are also various styles that can be associated with ramp work and you will be taught how to model to music, without music, and how you walk and turn to various speeds of music.

Modeling Examination

At the end of the course or training program, you will be given a small, informal examination on everything you have learned to see if you can put it into practice and are ready to go out on professional modeling jobs.

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