May 20, 2017

How To Break Into Freelance Writing With No Experience

Anyone can become a freelance writer. It’s not an easy task to break into freelance writing with no experience, but it can be done. Hopefully the simple steps outlined below will help you get started on this exciting career path.

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Magazine, newspapers, websites, and other outlets need content on a regular basis. Most of these outlets rely on freelancers to create the articles, posts, and papers that they need. When you combine the abundance of writing opportunities with the ability to have a flexible schedule, be your own boss, and work from anywhere, freelance writing becomes an attractive way to earn a paycheck.

Are you dreaming about launching your freelance writing career? Here’s how to break into freelance writing with no experience:

  • Write More – To be a successful freelance writer, you need to enjoy writing. Write as much as you possibly can. Be open and receptive to feedback and edits. Write about all sorts of topics. Aim to find your voice and hone your niche.
  • Build Your Portfolio – It’s essential to build your portfolio. This doesn’t necessarily mean published pieces, but it does mean polished writing samples. Create a blog. Write articles after work. Create content that shines the spotlight on your writing talents. If you do have things published online or in print, get a copy and share it on your website and portfolio. Samples are essential.
  • Create Your Web Presence – If you want to be treated seriously as a freelance writer, you need a website that highlights your portfolio (and hopefully your clientele too). Create a blog with samples of your work. Grow your portfolio. Build your website. Find places to guest post. Develop your social following.
  • Reach Out To Your Network – The more people you know, the better off you will be. Let your network know that you are offering freelance writing services. Ask them for any leads.
  • Set Your Freelance Rates – Too many freelancers work for minimal pay. Set your rates and stick to them. You know how much your time is worth.
  • Tap In To the Shared Economy – One of the best places to break into freelance writing with no experience are freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, or BlogMutt.
  • Grow Your Business – Always aim to grow your client list and expand your portfolio. Become known as a freelance writing expert who always does a good job. This will help your business boom.

How Much Freelance Writers Get Paid

As we mentioned earlier it can be challenging to break into freelance writing. Most freelancers start out earning enough to cover date night or pay the electric bill. Many never make the switch to turn freelancing into a full time career. But this is the beauty of this job niche, you can make freelance writing into anything that you want it to be.

Whether you’re planning to quit your day job or grow your side hustle, it will take time to become a successful freelance writer, but if you truly love writing, you will be able to turn freelancing into a vibrant career that allows you to tap your creative potential.

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Best of luck!

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