June 12, 2011

Cool Indoor Summer Jobs

It’s not to late to snag a job for the summer – many companies are still hiring. The bulk of summer jobs available are outside (think jobs at dude ranches, working as a scuba diver, or finding a cruise ship job, for example). If working in the sun doesn’t sound appealing to you, however, there are also indoor jobs available to temporary workers. You probably have already explored retail job openings, but there are some more interesting options as well if you want a cool job. Let’s take a look a a few cool indoor summer jobs you can consider:

Museums typically hire temporary workers for the summer, since increased tourist numbers of children looking for things to do during the summer mean that there are more visitors than usual. You could work at a museum ticket counter or in its food court or gift job, but the coolest jobs are serving as a tour guide for the location. If you love to talk to people, this might be the perfect job for you. Some jobs also hire workers to help plan and carry out special events at the museum, so you could help with after-hours sleepovers for children’s groups, summer festivals celebrating historic events, and more.

Bartending might not cool, but you can take it to the next level by training as a mixologist. In this job, you’ll not only serve drinks, but you’ll do so with flair, learning how to create the perfect cocktail, juggle bottles, talk about microbrews and special drinks served at your bar, and mix up completely new drinks to please any customer’s palette.

Since more people are planning vacations in the summer, travel agents sometimes hire additional workers to help with sales. While this might at first seems like a boring office job, the perk here is that you can earn points toward trips of your own. If you’re good at sales, not only will you get paid your regular wage, but you’ll also be able to earn hotel stays, cruises, frequent flier miles, and more. Spend the summer working inside, but when you’re done, you can see the world at a highly discounted price – or maybe even for free!

If any of these jobs or other unique summer jobs sound good to you, check out the JobMonkey Job Center, where you can find job openings from across the country.

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