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Looking for a cool job? Do you want a career that you’re proud of? Are you looking for new experiences and challenges? Interested in travel? If you answered yes, to any of the above questions you’re in the right place.

JobMonkey specializes in gathering information on some of the coolest jobs in the work field. Some of these jobs include travel, others are seasonal, and some are just down right awesome. Find out more on JobMonkey’s cool jobs pages.

It might be difficult to categorize what makes a job cool, so we shifted through each and every one of the jobs on our page and took note of the ones that stood out as something special. It might be the job itself: doing something unique, challenging, or just incredibly interesting. Others that stood out were those that involved a cool location; a large number of our jobs involve travel and working in new or exotic locations. While we dedicated an entire section to travel jobs, we also included some jobs on the following pages that will land you in the middle of a forest fire, the Alaskan wilderness, at some of the most beautiful ski lodges in the world, or back stage at a music festival. Talk about some cool travel opportunities! So, hit the road. There are a number of cool jobs that will earn you a decent paycheck in addition to providing you with exposure to new locations and experiences.

Other jobs you will learn about in this section are seasonal. If you’re a student or if you work in an industry that only provides seasonal employment, finding a cool job that fits your needs can be difficult. JobMonkey has a number of cool jobs that provide students and other seasonal workers with the opportunity to make good money in just a few months. A number of these jobs also involve travel! Discover cool jobs that take seasonal work to a whole new level.

Here are just a few of the cool jobs you will learn about on the following pages:

  • Alaska fishing jobs
  • Firefighting jobs
  • Events jobs
  • Seasonal jobs

If you’re tired of the same old work scene and are eager to get into a new field and meet new people, then take a look at some of our cool jobs.

It will likely lead you to a work change that you can be proud of, and one that will earn you some good money along the way!

If you don’t see the job that’s right for you on the following pages, then consider taking a look at our section on High Demand Jobs. Find out which jobs continue to pay well and are constantly in demand. Also, if you’re interested in travel take some time to learn about our ski resort, cruise ship, and dude ranch jobs. We’re certain that JobMonkey has the job for you!

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