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Try telling someone you worked at the Winter Olympics and see what they say. Or, tell a story about working at the Austin City Limits music festival and see what kind of response you get. We’re willing to bet that people will think work experience like that is pretty cool. We certainly do! Not to mention, there is something undeniably awesome about experiencing world-renowned sporting events like the World Cup and Olympic Games.

It comes as no surprise then, that our Event Jobs section made it onto the official list of cool jobs offered by JobMonkey.

Event jobs are cool for a number of reasons besides the sheer enjoyment of being at fun and exciting events. Although, this certainly plays an important part! Working an events job is a great way to spend your summer, while enjoying festivals and sporting events that you would otherwise already attend. Our Event Jobs section encompasses everything from volunteer and work opportunities to event planning jobs. Most of the events that we profile take a lot of people in order to be successful. So as you might imagine, this means a lot of job opportunities. Anytime there are cool jobs ripe for the taking, we’re on board, which is yet another reason why we think events jobs are so cool.

Event jobs are great for college students because music festivals and a number of sporting events are held when the weather is warm and it is enjoyable to be outside. This means a greater number of jobs are available during the time of year when students are off from school. Seasonal jobs are a great way to make summer money and a good way to gain valuable job experience. This is especially true for event jobs.

Consider a job, internship or volunteer position in events if you want to gain experience in the music, entertainment, or sports industry. Because these industries are so popular among job hunters, finding available and entry-level jobs can be difficult due to a large number of applicants. That is why working a local event or, gaining event experience through an internship is such a great idea.

Finding work experience through our events section is a great way to get your foot in the door in an industry that is classically very ‘closed-door.’

Picture yourself backstage at one of your favorite concerts or with a Super Bowl job taking tickets. Find out how to get jobs in event planning, or gain valuable experience by working an internship for an events company. In our Event Jobs section you will learn about World Cup soccer jobs as well as jobs at the winter and summer Olympics, Youth Olympic Games, Super Bowl, college sporting events, music festivals, film festivals, and community events like parades and marathons. With so many events, there are a lot of ways to get involved. Find out more about event jobs on JobMonkey.

Discover application techniques, job timelines, get links to online applications, and jump start your event job search!

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