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The Alaskan fishing industry provides some of the coolest (and toughest) jobs anywhere. Most seafood workers during an Alaskan summer (57%) are seasonal employees that move north to take advantage of job openings in the industry.

The salmon fishing season in Alaska is big business, and takes place primarily during the summer months. Summer fishing and processing jobs in Alaska are truly unique, providing employees with a number of opportunities: summer travel, great money possibilities, and work specifically during the summer. Although the work that takes place in the fishing industry is demanding, the gorgeous backdrop of the Alaskan wilderness and the chance to be out at sea – or near it – makes Alaska seafood jobs some of the coolest on our list.

First a little background information: the fishing industry in Alaska is one of the state’s driving economies. In fact, the fishing industry is Alaska’s largest employer. While many Alaskan locals occupy fishing jobs, the demand for work far outweighs the number of available workers. Loosely translated: there are plenty of jobs for those in the lower-48!

A high percentage of the seafood consumed in the US is provided by the fishing industry in Alaska, and a whopping 45 percent of the fish harvested in Alaska is exported to Japan. The industry supplies the world with seafood!

Yet another amazing aspect (and certainly a coolness factor) of the fishing jobs in Alaska is the earning potential. Fishing industry employees may earn several thousands of dollars in one summer. This is true for both onshore fish processors and for employees who work on the boats. Although the pay possibilities vary depending on the type of position, in all cases the potential is there to make more in Alaska than many typical summer jobs.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Discovery Channel show, Deadliest Catch.

This television show puts the spotlight on Alaska crab fishing jobs, and has captured a tremendous viewership worldwide. Watchers are intrigued by the daring, the adventure, the danger of these crab fishing jobs. Since the show’s debut, the fishing and crabbing industries in Alaska have seen a considerable increase in interested workers.

Lastly, although the best jobs in the fishing industry go to those who have experience there are a number of employment opportunities for those new to the industry. You don’t need a special education or previous experience to break into the seafood industry at some level.

Find out more about living in the Last Frontier during an Alaskan summer. Discover the adventure and money that awaits you, and learn how to apply!

Check out our section on Alaska Fishing Jobs to get a full picture of these cool jobs.

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