Cool Jobs – Check out Seasonal Jobs

Seasonal jobs are a JobMonkey favorite! They provide temporary employment for eager applicants and provide exciting opportunities like travel, and valuable job experience. Throughout JobMonkey you will find a number of seasonal jobs, perfect for students and job hunters.

If you’re looking for either summer or winter employment, be sure to check out the jobs listed below. Each of them provides a viable work opportunity for seasonal employees.

We consider working a seasonal job cool because if you find a really good one, it represents one of the best working scenarios in the job field. This is especially true for seasonal employees like students, who only have a few months or weeks each year to dedicate to full-time employment. Students who are able to find seasonal work that pays well, can sometimes live for an entire school year based on the money they earn during a summer. You will find though, that most seasonal jobs with high earning potential don’t follow a traditional 9-5 work schedule. Many of what we consider to be the ‘best’ seasonal jobs require travel, sometimes to remote locations, while others demand long workdays. This certainly doesn’t mean that seasonal employees are a prison to their summer or winter jobs.  It simply illustrates that a large number of these jobs require hard work or travel in order to enjoy the benefits of a large paycheck. For example, many seasonal work locations could be considered some of the most beautiful places in the world. Ski resorts, the Caribbean, beach resorts, the Alaskan wilderness, national parks, lakes, metropolitan cities, and even dense forests are just to name a few.

In almost all of JobMonkey’s job sections you will find viable seasonal jobs. It makes sense to assume that most applicants are seeking either valuable job experience, a good paycheck, and/or travel. The good news is, that many of the seasonal jobs listed throughout our JobMonkey sections provide all three! This is just another example of why we’re so fond of our seasonal jobs.

Take look at some specific jobs!

Cruise Ship

The cruise ship industry provides a lot of work hours and demanding schedules from its employees, but it also offers the chance to travel the world, and earn a very hefty paycheck. Apply for a seasonal job on a cruise ship during the summer months when cruise ship travel peaks!

Resort Jobs

Whether you work at a ski resort or beach resort, you’ll likely have to travel to be on location at these fun jobs.

Earn tips as a resort bartender for the season or teach skiing on your favorite mountain. Find out how to book a seasonal resort job now.

Event Jobs

You’ve probably attended an outdoor event or music festival, so find out what its like to work at an event. These are a great way to enjoy your summer while earning valuable job experience in the industry.

Nanny Jobs

Live and vacation with a family when you work as a nanny. These jobs are typical for the summer season while kids are out of school, but parents need to work. There are some incredible travel opportunities for nannies so find out more!

Summer Camp Jobs

If working at a summer camp doesn’t scream seasonal employment, we don’t know what will. Pick between local or remote summer camps and be a camp counselor. Enjoy teaching and leading kids through an adventurous summer, while you pack up the paychecks!

Summer Firefighting Jobs

Put out dangerous wildfires and help preserve forests and neighborhoods. Earn thousands over a summer with a seasonal firefighter job.

Alaska Fishing Jobs

The Alaskan fishing industry booms in the summer and this big money maker is a summer-jobs favorite. Book a great seasonal job by processing fish on the banks of the Alaskan coast.

The above are just a few examples of how you can procure a number of different seasonal jobs. Check out the JobMonkey homepage for a job that looks interesting to you, and look for seasonal employment. You’ll be surprised what you find.

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