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We picked firefighting as one of our ‘cool jobs’ because although this job is all about the heat of the moment, it just couldn’t get any cooler. Firefighting is an amazing career for anyone interested in public service. People in this job, along with paramedics, doctors, and nurses work hard day in and day out to save lives.

Firefighters also work hard to protect houses and the environment, putting out fires that are detrimental to neighborhoods, national parks and at times, wildlife reserves. We feel, that a job where you might end up pulling someone out of a burning building is super cool.

The intensity of a firefighting job makes it impossible to ignore. Any job where lives are put on the line is going to be intense and require a lot of training. Although most firefighters go through years of fire education and training, there are some firefighting positions where college students and volunteers can get involved. That is why on this page we focus most of our attention on volunteer and seasonal firefighting jobs. We can’t help but feel that any job where you’re fighting fires one week, and back in the classroom the next, is a really cool way to spend the summer.

We really like seasonal jobs because they provide a great work opportunity for those people who have summers off but cannot be employed full-time throughout the year. This includes teachers, students, and other seasonal employees who, for whatever reason, can only commit to a few months of work. It’s pretty cool that for a few months out of the year you can be earning money doing a really exciting outdoor job. Seeing new places, gaining valuable experience, getting exercise, earning money, traveling, making friends, and putting out fires is all in a hard days work for a volunteer or seasonal firefighter.

Seasonal firefighting is a great way to gain experience in the field if you’re interested in pursuing firefighting as a full-time career as well. If you’re interested in working as a firefighter during the summer, check out our seasonal firefighting jobs profile, which includes application information.

Most seasonal firefighting takes place in the summer when the geography is hot and dry. A big problem plaguing our forests and communities are summer wildfires, where each year thousands of acres fall victim. As a volunteer or seasonal firefighter most of your time will be spent putting out forest fires.

This means a large aspect of your job will be travel, since firefighters need to be dispatched to locations where fires are burning. Although the days and nights can be intense and hot, the pay off is a sense of accomplishment in saving homes and potentially lives.

A number of people volunteer for positions simply in order to give back to the community. However, paid firefighting employees also receive a handsome paycheck at the end of a long day’s work. Trust us when we say that seasonal firefighters can make thousands of dollars during the summer. This makes firefighting both personally and financially rewarding. Who could ask for more?

Find out more about becoming a seasonal or career firefighter in JobMonkey’s firefighter jobs section. Discover details regarding education, training and how to apply for jobs in a field that we’ve deemed, the hottest of the cool jobs!

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