September 25, 2014

Cool Music Jobs That You’ll Enjoy

What type of music do you enjoy? Do you listen to music every day? Are you a fan of attending concerts? Do you listen to your favorite jam on your morning jog? Do you turn up the speakers during your commute? Do you download your favorite artist’s new album on iTunes?

Music is everywhere. Why not pursue a career in music? Here are a few hot spots to look for music jobs:

  • Working At A Radio Station – You can always tune your radio to the local radio station or satellite radio channel. You can listen to news, sports, music, or talk shows. There are thousands of radio stations to choose from. They all need DJs, on-air personalities, station managers, and program directors. Find a station you dig and apply today!
  • Cruise Ships – Every cruise ship needs musicians, dancers, or DJs to keep the guests entertained. Working in the cruise ship industry is a great way to see the world and be involved in the music business. Why not find a cruise ship job and get involved?
  • Dancing – This is a massive niche because there are so many forms of dancing out there – salsa, waltz, belly dancing, etc. Working as a dancer or a dance instructor is a great way to express yourself while enjoying music. Are you interesting in dancing jobs?
  • Arrangers and Composers – If you can create a score or arrange instruments so that listeners are enchanted by the music, you’ll be a highly valued individual in the world of music.
  • Music Teacher – There are countless benefits to teaching music. Why not share your passion with students? You could teach voice, piano, guitar, or any other instrument.
  • Concert Volunteer – It’s a major task to put together a concert. The band, the sound systems, the venue, the marketing, and all of the other details need to be taken care of to ensure a flawless show. Volunteers are a huge part of this process – especially at large music festivals like Bonnaroo or Coachella.
  • Performers and Songwriters – If you’re a truly talented musician, try to get some gigs where you perform or at least get your songs played. Maybe you’ll get noticed and we’ll be able to buy your new song online!
  • Recording Engineer – Do you have a talented ear? Can you work with highly skilled musicians to help them produce their albums?

Music jobs are a great way to make a living. If you find yourself singing along, strumming your guitar, turning up the bass, or playing drums on your desk then maybe you should consider a job in the music industry. You can learn about other music industry careers on JobMonkey. Or better yet, why not start your music jobs search on the JobMonkey Job Board? Good luck!

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