April 23, 2015

How To Find Dude Ranch Summer Jobs

It’s springtime. Flowers are blooming, snow is melting, and both seasonal workers and university students are searching for summer jobs. Have you considered finding dude ranch summer jobs? They rule.

Dude Ranch Campfire PhotoIf you enjoy fresh air, breathtaking scenery, and the western lifestyle then dude ranch jobs are perfect. Dude ranches, which are also called guest ranches, provide unforgettable experiences to adventurous vacation goers. People flock to dude ranches to experience the frontier lifestyle. They want a taste of the real western experience at rustic ranches in remote and wild places like WY, CO, ID, MT, AZ, UT, CA, and other western states.

Everything You Need To Know About Dude Ranch Jobs

Ranches are the perfect way for families and individuals to experience the cowboy and ranch culture of the “wild” west. At dude ranches, guests can ride horses, shoot guns, go on zip lines, practice archery, learn to fly fish, sit around camp fires, play music, go sightseeing, explore the mountains, attend rodeos, help with cattle drives, and so much more. And guess what, every dude ranch needs enthusiastic outdoor lovers like you. Plus, if you’ve got horse experience that’s a HUGE job skill to highlight on your resume.

When you land a dude ranch summer job, you may get hired as a bartender, cook, fly fishing guide, wrangler, hiking guide, housekeeper, or administrator. Dude ranches operate on a team and family mentality. It takes everyone to do everything. This is what makes dude ranch jobs so cool – you are an essential part of a team that relies on you. Oh yeah, you also get to work in some of the most breathtaking locations in the United States. It’s kind of like working at a summer camp, but even cooler!

The best way to find dude ranch summer jobs is to head over to the JobMonkey Employer Directory. Search for “ranch” and you’ll find all sorts of cool dude ranch employers. We’ve highlighted a few dude ranch employers below to help you start your job search:

Dude ranch jobs are one of the best ways to earn a paycheck this summer. If you like your summer gig, many dude ranches have year round employment opportunities too. Every ranch is unique, so do your research before you blindly apply for jobs in this guest service and hospitality niche. Let us know where you end up working. We’d love to come for a visit!

We almost forgot, we have some helpful tips to help you find a dude ranch job. JobMonkey also has an entire industry guide devoted to dude ranch jobs. Head over there and do your research on this cool niche. Enjoy your dude ranch summer job!

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