Summer Camp Jobs

Working a summer camp job is perhaps one of the best seasonal employment opportunities for young college or high school students. This page give a general overview of these kinds of summer jobs, while the Summer Camp Jobs section of JobMonkey goes into more detail.

Summer Camp is Always a Fun Time

The staff demographic for a summer camp usually tends to be workers of this kind because of the fun working environment young people are drawn to, the opportunity for travel, the accessibility of summer camp jobs and good pay. Summer Camp Counselors usually enjoy the fun-and-games aspect of working at a summer camp, being around young kids excited to participate in camp activities and most of all, they seem to enjoy a summer job that doesn’t have them cooped up indoors. Because kids who are out of school for the summer enroll in camps all over the country, jobs for summer camp counselors are available in nearly every state and for nearly every particular interest.

Not Just For Young Workers

Summer Camp Jobs aren’t exclusively for young people. There are also  employment opportunities for working professionals. Summer Camps require a nursing staff, administrators to look after younger staff members, cooking staff to prepare and order meals and Camp Directors to make sure the camp is being run in a safe and secure way. Adults sending their kids away on overnight camps take great comfort in the fact that there are well-trained staff members and adults present should there be an emergency. Jobs for professionals, such as nurses, can be more difficult to procure because there are fewer to fill however, camps everywhere are in need of these very important positions and with some ingenuity and research, you should be able to find one in your area.

Diversity of Summer Camps

Perhaps you were a summer camp-ee when you were younger and attended a month long over-night adventure camp. Or, maybe you were interested in science and went to a weeklong science camp at a University. Regardless of the activity, there seems to be a summer camp for everyone and because of the diversity of camps available for students who want to enroll in them, there is an equally diverse number of camp jobs that need to be filled. For nearly every activity you can think of, there exists a camp related to that interest. This means, that from the perspective of someone looking for employment you can cater your summer camp job search with details that fill your employment needs.

Here is a list of common summer jobs that might be found at a summer camp:

Coaches, Activity Directors, Nurses, Lifeguards, Sport Directors, Arts and Crafts, Cooking Staff, Horseback riding staff, Swim Instructors, Theater Directors and Science Leaders.

Summer Camp Counselors

Perhaps the most common job at a summer camp is a camp counselor. Counselors usually have a diverse range of jobs. They direct the kids in their group, they might teach different sports and swimming, lead an outdoor expedition or science informational class, hold arts and crafts hours and just act as a leader for the children. People applying for jobs as a camp counselor usually have a diverse range of interests and enjoy teaching, guiding and being around children.

Things to Consider

When considering summer camp employment it is important to think about time and location.

Do you want to stay local or are you willing to relocate? Because there are both day and overnight camps, you need to consider if you want a job where you might be away from home. People who are interested in travel often consider a summer camp job because it offers them the opportunity to see new places and experience a different part of the country. Considering this aspect of summer camp work will help you narrow your search to a camp atmosphere that best suits your work objectives.

Take some time to consider the type of camp you might want to work for. There are thousands of summer camps located in thousands of different places and each one is likely to be different. Sports, outdoor adventure, horseback riding, academic, theater, fitness and religious affiliated camps are just to name a few. Taking the time to review your skills; perhaps you play basketball or have lifeguard experience. This is a great way to begin narrowing your job search. Most camps offer training periods for counselors and have weekly meetings, but your success in procuring a summer camp job that focuses on a specific interest or skill increases if you have direct experience in that area.

How to Apply for Summer Camp Jobs

The best course of action when applying for a summer camp job is to research camps by location or type because summer camps are typically arranged in this manner. Prioritizing what you are looking for in a summer camp job will help you find the perfect camp for which to apply. Applying directly to the camp is the most common, and best way to apply for a counselor position. Some camps are run by an organization, like the YMCA for instance and in this case you will be asked to apply to the organization rather than the specific camp. Usually where and how you apply will be listed under camp information.

You will have the greatest success by channeling the skills you already have when applying for a summer camp job. If you have flexibility, highlight your willingness to train and remember to keep applying and apply early. In order to offer enrollment for students, camps need to know how well staffed they will be for the summer. Think about your summer job plans ahead of time and apply early.

Summer Camp Pay

The payment will vary depending on your position and the type of camp you work for. Be sure to investigate the compensation you will receive before agreeing to a job. For instance, is room and board included? Are there end of season bonuses? Payment and other compensations will usually be outlined during the hiring process. Return counselors are commonly paid more than first-timers.

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