November 23, 2010

Finding a Non-Clergy Faith Job

Finding a faith job is easy…if you want to be a member of the clergy. While churches and other houses of worship across the United States are in desperate need of faith leaders, not everyone who is interested in religion is perfect for this type of position. You can also consider the following types of faith jobs:

  • Missionary: If you love traveling the world, this might be the perfect job for you. By working as a missionary, you’ll get to experience different cultures while helping people in need of spiritual guidance.
  • Educator: Many of the private schools in the United States are affiliated with a certain religion. You can consider becoming a Christian educator if you have a passion for teaching along with your passion for your faith.
  • Counselor: Many patients prefer speaking with a religious counselor, since you’re be able to offer guidance with faith in mind. Becoming a religious counselor requires you to hold a state license, which means getting your master’s degree in most areas.

Is a religious job right for you? A few things you should consider:

  • Are you still exploring or do you feel strong in your faith? Many people look up to religious workers to provide guidance, so if you’re still questioning your personal beliefs, you may want to consider another type of career. There’s nothing wrong with exploring, as long as you don’t rush the process!
  • Are you willing to attend a religious college? Most faith-based careers require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree, and your resume will be strongest if you attend a religious school.
  • Are you a “people person”? In most religious positions, you’ll work closely with people who may or may not be struggling with their beliefs. If you don’t consider yourself a people person, this may not be the right position for you.
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