February 22, 2011

Finding an Exciting Job

Sick of being bored at work? If you crave some excitement in your life, this is a list for you. Recently, Yahoo! announced the top most exciting jobs, according to their “excitement meter.” Their top picks?

  1. Detective or Criminal Investigator (average salary: $60,910)
  2. Event and Meeting Planner (average salary: $54,060)
  3. Marketing Specialist (average salary: $51,179)
  4. Executive Chef (average salary: $70,549)
  5. Paralegal (average salary: $46,120)
  6. Web Designer (average salary: $50,632)
  7. Human Resources Specialist (average salary: $45,470 to $53,860)

These aren’t the only exciting jobs out there, though. If becoming a criminal investigator isn’t for you, you can check out some other jobs that can add a little excitement to your work day:

  • Secret Service Special Agents: While becoming a special agent for the secret service certainly isn’t easy, this is one of the most prestigious positions in law enforcement. To be sure, there’s never a dull day when you’re protecting the president.
  • Alaskan Fishing Jobs: It takes courage and determination to work in the Alaskan fishing industry. Positions are open on the seas, serving as a deckhand during various fishing seasons, or for a little less excitement (but still a unique environment), you can work in a fish processing plant or boating boat repair.
  • Airline Flight Crew: Jobs on airline flight crews can be exciting, since you have the opportunity to see the world. Some flight crew positions include both pilot and flight attendant jobs.

In addition, you might want to check out some of the world’s most dangerous jobs. While working in a dangerous job isn’t necessary to get a little excitement in your life, jobs like miner, stuntman (and woman), logger, and astronaut might be for you. The most dangerous jobs are usually extremely physical positions. You can also find excitement in medical-related jobs. Working as a nurse or doctor in the ER is a great way to get some excitement in your life without being in much danger yourself.

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