June 17, 2017

21 First Impression Mistakes That You’ll Instantly Regret

People will always remember the way you present yourself the first time they meet you. It’s your job to always put your best foot forward and to try to be likable. The way we interact with others is a powerful communication tool that can help us get ahead in life, so we encourage you to treat every interaction professionally.

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How To Be More Likable In Every Situation

Entrepreneur.com notes that “it can only take one-tenth of a second to make a first impression and, once that impression is made, it can be very hard to change.” Based on this fact, it’s mandatory that you avoid any major first impression mistakes.

Whether you’re at a job interview, a networking event, or a bar, avoid making these first impression mistakes:

  1. Ignoring Your Body Language
  2. Avoiding Eye Contact
  3. Interrupting People
  4. Forgetting Someone’s Name
  5. Being Boring
  6. Showing Up Late
  7. Using Your Smartphone
  8. Giving A Sloppy Handshake
  9. Forgetting To Smile
  10. Judging People
  11. Having Nothing Positive To Say
  12. Sweating Severely
  13. Smelling Bad
  14. Lacking Confidence
  15. Telling Obvious Lies
  16. Lacking Respect
  17. Telling Inappropriate Jokes
  18. Not Listening
  19. Saying Nothing At All
  20. Lacking A Sense Of Humor
  21. Wearing Inappropriate Attire

You never know who you’re going to meet, which is why leaving a lasting and positive first impression is always important. Do your best to present yourself in a professional manner with a positive attitude, regardless of the situation. Avoid the above mistakes and set yourself up for success.

How To Be The Most Interesting Person In The Room

As the saying goes, you never have a second chance to make a first impression.

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