December 1, 2015

Build Your Web Presence To Get Noticed Online

Where do you go for information? If you’re like the vast majority of the world, you immediately grab your smartphone or laptop and Google whatever you want to know.

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Our tech-savvy world relies on the Internet for everything. As a job seeker, you should too. When you’re searching for a job, you should make it a point to build your web presence so that you can get noticed online by recruiters.

A web presence is the best way to build your personal brand. Use it to impress others, establish your skills, hone your knowledge, and build your professional reputation. You know that recruiters and employers will check up on you before they hire you, so make sure you stand out from the job search competition.

Here’s how you can start to build your web presence to get noticed online:

  • Social Media – There are many social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest. Join them all. Social media is one of the easiest ways to become searchable online.
  • Personal Websites – These one stop shops act as an extension of your resume. If you’re in a creative field, a website is the best way to showcase your portfolio. Try to find a cool domain name that matches your professional interests or just get Here are some tips on what to include on your website . You can also link your website to your blog.
  • Blogs – Blogs help to establish you as a subject matter expert. They are a way to write your thoughts, dreams, opinions, and knowledge down for the online audience. Keep your blog focused on your professional niche if you want to get noticed by recruiters. With the right SEO strategies and high quality content, you’ll probably get noticed in Google search results too. If your blog is successful, you might even be able to turn blogging into a full-time job!
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the social media outlet for professionals. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you’re missing out. This is the best way to network online. Join industry groups and let your voice be heard. You can also have your network endorse your skills and give you recommendations.
  • Google – Some people call Google the resume of the future. Have you Googled yourself lately? What comes up? Hopefully your social media, websites, blogs, and LinkedIn profile. If other things come up that you’re not so proud of, you may need to address those too.
  • Build A Community – Now that you’ve set up the basic building blocks, it’s time to join the conversation and be active online. If you just set things up and forget about them, your hard work will fade. Your online presence requires regular upkeep. Be a part of the online community. Follow others, like posts, leave useful comments, and share your links. Use your voice to create your personal brand and reputation.
  • Spread The Word – Now that you’re online, tell everyone you know. It’s a great way to network. Add your sites and blogs to your business cards, resumes, and email signatures. Let people know about your web presence.

A web presence can also be a double edged sword. What you post online can help you find a job, but it can also hurt your chances of getting hired too. Once you post something online, it’s there forever. Be sure to edit what’s out there as best you can before it’s too late. Always keep your online presence professional because you never know who might check up on you.

Are you ready to build your online brand so you get noticed online? Be authentic, be professional, and be active.

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