August 4, 2016

The 25 Federal Government Agencies With The Most Cool Jobs

Need a job? The US government is the largest employer in the United States. A workforce of nearly 2.7 million civilians work for the US government. These lucky folks work all sorts of cool jobs for numerous different federal government agencies and departments. Is a job with the US government right for you? Probably.

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The US government is a huge employer. For comparison, check out the top 10 largest employers in the US. As you can see Wal-Mart tops the charts with 1.3 million employees in the US and 2.2 million employees worldwide. Add in the jobs with the US military and the number of people collecting a paycheck from the US government skyrockets.

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The US federal government employs lots of people to do lots of different things both domestically and abroad. Let’s take a look at a handful of cool government job opportunities:

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To find the government agencies that employ the most people, we took a look at data provided by the US Office Of Personnel Management in Washington DC. The follow numbers are from September 2013 and were originally highlighted in this post from

If you’re looking for a government job, try these federal government agencies with the most cool jobs:

  1. US Postal Service – 584,027
  2. Department of Veteran Affairs – 323,208
  3. Department of The Army – 264,906
  4. Department of The Navy – 194,923
  5. Department of Homeland Security – 192,073
  6. Department of the Air Force – 169,440
  7. Department of Justice – 115,616
  8. Department of the Treasury – 112,461
  9. Department of Agriculture – 95,223
  10. Other Defense Activities – 75,223
  11. Department of Health and Human Services – 72,703
  12. Department of the Interior – 71,543
  13. Social Security Administration – 62,549
  14. Department of Transportation – 55,288
  15. Department of Commerce – 45,035
  16. Department of State – 41,768
  17. US Courts – 33,271
  18. Defense Logistics Agency – 24,331
  19. Corps of Engineers – 23,230
  20. National Aeronautics and Space Administration – 18,001
  21. Department of Labor – 17,187
  22. Environmental Protection Agency – 17,002
  23. Congress – 16,432
  24. Department of Energy – 15,213
  25. Tennessee Valley Authority – 12,612

What government agency is the best one to work for? That depends on you. Learn What US Government Agencies Actually Do before you apply. Do your research and you’re bound to find the perfect job for you in the US government.

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