The text, graphics, and photographic content of JobMonkey is the result of over ten years of research, writing, editing, and other component compilation work performed by dozens of freelancers and staff, both current and past. We here at would like to thank the following people for their hard work and dedication:

Editorial project management, compilation, and support:

Eileen Bardell; Chad Barron; Clark Canfield; Jennifer DuBois; Derek Edwards; Juliet Erazo; Craig Evans; Judith Grimsrud; Steve Gutman; Eric Hendrie; Kevin Hile; Betsie Janson; Erica Jorgensen; Greg Katz; Christopher Kerl; Cristine Kim; Jenny Loftus; Matt Lucas; Kevin Lustgarten; Lisa Lustgarten; Peter Myers; Ralph Nichols; Courtney Ratner; Jonathan Rich; Elaine Richley; Heidi Robinson; Bob Rowe; Suzanne Rowe; Brenda Spoonemore; Debbie Steinberg; Thom Votteler; Adrian Walker; Mark Wenzell; Vivian Yu-wen Woo; and Steve Zaro

Also: Mark I. Field (author of The Courier Air Travel Handbook); A. D. Lowe (author of The Job Hunter’s Resource Guide); and John Malarkey (author of The Global Adventurer’s Handbook)

Other people who have contributed research or other helpful material include:

Scott Andrews; Robert Beck; Karen Brooks; Ania Burczynska; Clarke Canfield; Beatrice Cebala; Derek Edwards; Alice Egyed; Chris Gillham; Bryan Griffin; Julie Hansen; Colette Toddy Hart; Dennis Hart; Bob Hartnett; Lisa Holland; Anja Jakubowski; Sibyl James; Chu Kaifang; Jana Klepetarova; Maurice Lustgarten; Sondra Lustgarten; Emily Lyons; David McCaw; Marilyn McCune; Jennifer Newton; Allen O’Farrell; Brad Spielman; Matthew Suarez; Renata Susser; Gabriella Szabo; Lorant Szabo; Ricky West; Justin Williams and Frank Woods

Photography and graphics:

Chad Barron; Jennifer Dubois; Al Hornsby; Scott Markewitz; Peter Myers; Stacy Olson; Jessica Papkoff; Joe Parke; Jonathan Rich; Suzanne Rowe; Carl Scofield; Brenda Spoonemore; and Stephanie Turner

We gratefully acknowledge the following companies, organizations, and agencies for their help with photographs and company information:

Amelia Island Plantation; the Appalachian Trail Conference; Balsams Grand Resort Hotel; the Bureau of Land Management; Chateau Lake Louise; Delta Queen Steamboat; the Department of the Interior; the Fish and Wildlife Service; Grafton Beach Resort; Grand Wailea Resort, Hotel and Spa; Holland America Tours; Ihilani Resort and Spa; Kea Lani Wailea; the National Forest Volunteer Program; The Nature Conservancy; PADI International; the Park Service; Premier Cruise Lines; Princess Cruises; Scottsdale Princess; Sheraton Royal Hawaiian; Southwest Airlines; the Student Conservation Association; Sun Valley Resort; the U.S. Forest Service; the Volunteers in Parks Program; Warwick Fiji; Wigwam Resort; and Windsurfing Instructors of America

The following people are gratefully acknowledged for their cooperation in providing us with interviews of their employment experiences:

Roby Adair; Cherie Anderson; Leo E. Arsenault; Gabe Asarian; Michelle Augello; Patty Bean; Peter Beckman; Lisa Bellavia; Tom Bridge; Wayne Brininger; Bill Clark; Peter Cohen; William Corley; Derek Dalrymple; Louis DeRango; Peter Dibuz; Tinho Dornellas; John Doyle; Rich Ferrari; Chris Fournier; Toni Freeberg; Tyler Froeming; Dale Gomez; Levi Hansen; Caroline Harmon; Holly Howes; Hans Jensen; Kenneth Kindt; John Knopp; Kate Larocque; Alex Lash; Kristin Laulainen; Gretchen Lech; Andrew Levine; Stephen Lynch; John Mathienson; Liz McDonald; David Minaglia; John Morris; Paulina Mrazova; Jim Mudry; Grace Ann Mulhollan; Ed Murray; John F. Murray; Susannah Nam; Gregory Niedokos; Shannon Orr; Tayfun Ozeren; Steve Padgen; Karyn Panitch; Stacey Penney; Victoria Percy; Liz Perry; Jim Piddle; Beth Powell; Steve Poynter; Louis A. Ramsay; Christine Scheriff; Susan Schmidt; Ann Schroeder; Jerry Spence; Galen Stark; David Strelinger; Glennda Sutton; Doug Taron; Greg Western; Nicholas Wingfield; and Raymond D. Wuco


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