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If you have the itch to get out there and experience a career outside of a cubicle chances are the quench for adventure doesn’t stop with work.

A continuation of knowledge and education are merely next on the list. Perhaps your plans go a little like this: leave the confines of your safe and slightly boring job to find a cool one in a great place where you will work a while and then later go back to earn a degree in a subject you really want to study. Let’s face it after you have lived a bit you will have a better idea of what that degree really might be. While you’re formulating all these great plans keep in mind there is one more option to consider, distance learning. Distance learning is a type of education that enables you to receive credentials without having to physically attend class. This type of learning can be made up of different methods such as online education, correspondence courses or computer based training.

Any of the above methods of distance learning allow you to learn when you want, where you want at whatever pace you want. Picture this: you just finished patrolling the slopes for the day and decide to take advantage of last night’s fresh powder by taking a few more runs sans ski patrol jacket. When you finish your legs are tired and your heart is happy, “time for class,” you say to yourself. Back at home cozy in your long johns you sit down in front of your computer with a cup of hot Joe. The wood burning stove crackles and spits in the background while you log onto your online university, class is officially in session.

As far fetched as the above scene may seem thousands of students around the globe are taking advantage of online universities as you read this. How and when you choose to study as an online student is up to you. Flexibility is the number one allure of an online education. If you are visiting JobMonkey then your mind is open to options and possibilities outside of the box. Essentially that is what an online education is; a non-traditional method of education.

Learn anywhere though Distance Learning!

To seek adventure we tend to look away from the norms of society and hustle of ordinary routine. This usually means living in an area less inhabited by people. Remote locations can offer sanctuary to those who seek a life off the beaten path but this lifestyle will demand sacrifices to be made. Fortunately receiving a higher education degree is no longer one of them. Advancements made in the distance learning process have made earning an online college degree possible virtually anywhere.

Financial Considerations of taking Online University Courses

Searching for an online program should be no different than searching for a traditional education; it is always a good thing to shop around.

Tuition of an online degree can vary. There are many public universities that offer a distance learning program. These schools still receive state funding and therefore have comparable tuition costs in both their online and campus based education.

Some distance learning programs are “for profit” and can be quite a bit more money but again you should do some research and shop around.

Many distance learning programs are lower in tuition than a campus based school because they don’t charge facility, recreational and other fees that are included in traditional school’s tuition. Money saved on parking and commute also should be factored in when comparing cost.

The other key point to keep in mind is that some program’s tuition may be less expensive upfront but when you look at the interest on their student loans or the amount of money you can receive from scholarships the total cost could end up being considerably more.

For great information on financial aid for college check out www.FinancialAidFinder.com. You should also check out www.fafsa.ed.gov/.

How the Public Perceives your Online College Degree

Public perception is changing mainly because people are more familiar with the concept of distance learning. Either the idea of earning their degree online has interested them or they know of someone who earned an online college degree. Bottom line is: distance learning is increasingly integrating itself into our society.

The increase in online education offered by respected colleges and universities have also bolstered the reputation of distance learning in the public’s eye. Especially since most of these programs maintain their rigorous admittance standards for students wanting to enroll in their online degree programs.

The Low Down on Online University Accreditation

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Ready, Set, Search

Whether you want to take some time off and travel without jeopardizing your degree or you live and work in area non conducive to the traditional structure of education, distance learning offers a remedy to earn your degree.

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