June 14, 2017

Who Is The Largest Employer In Your State In 2017?

Whether you want to be a trivia expert of you’re in the middle of the job hunt, it’s worthwhile to know who is the largest employer in your state. The economy of the United States is diverse and businesses pop up in all 50 states that do a wide variety of things, but you may notice that the biggest employers in this list come from a just a few major niches.

Map of the United States with the names of the states

Top 10 Largest Employers In US

We stumbled upon a post from 24/7 Wall Street that looks at the largest employer in every state. The study includes nonprofits and both public and private employers. The list was created using information from “company press releases, government data, business journals, local media reports, as well as statements from company representatives.” It’s interesting information for anyone applying for jobs in the United States.

Based on 24/7 Wall Street’s list, you can now find out who is the largest employer in your state:

  1. AlabamaWalmart
  2. Alaska – Providence Health & Services
  3. ArizonaWalmart
  4. ArkansasWalmart
  5. California – University of California
  6. Colorado – Denver International Airport
  7. Connecticut – Yale New Haven Health System
  8. Delaware – Christiana Care Health System
  9. FloridaWalmart
  10. GeorgiaWalmart
  11. Hawaii – University of Hawaii
  12. Idaho – St. Luke’s Health System
  13. IllinoisWalmart
  14. IndianaWalmart
  15. Iowa – University of Iowa
  16. KansasWalmart
  17. KentuckyWalmart
  18. LouisianaWalmart
  19. Maine – Hanford Supermarkets
  20. Maryland – Johns Hopkins Institutions
  21. Massachusetts – Partners Healthcare
  22. Michigan – University of Michigan
  23. MinnesotaMayo Clinic
  24. MississippiWalmart
  25. MissouriWalmart
  26. MontanaWalmart
  27. Nebraska – University of Nebraska
  28. NevadaMGM Resorts International
  29. New Hampshire – Walmart
  30. New Jersey – Wakefern Food Corporation
  31. New Mexico – University of New Mexico
  32. New York – State University of New York System
  33. North Carolina – University of North Carolina System
  34. North Dakota – Sanford Health
  35. OhioWalmart
  36. OklahomaWalmart
  37. Oregon – Providence Health & Services
  38. Pennsylvania – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  39. Rhode Island – Lifespan System Of Hospitals
  40. South CarolinaWalmart
  41. South Dakota – Avera Health
  42. TennesseeWalmart
  43. TexasWalmart
  44. Utah – Intermountain Healthcare
  45. Vermont – The University of Vermont Medical Center
  46. VirginiaWalmart
  47. WashingtonBoeing
  48. West Virginia – Walmart
  49. Wisconsin – University of Wisconsin
  50. WyomingWalmart

Did you notice anything about this list? We did.

Search For Jobs By State

First, Walmart was the largest employer in 22 states. Besides the federal government, Walmart is the largest employer in the United States with 1.5 million employees in the US and 2.3 million globally. Besides retail, the major players in this list include healthcare organizations and universities. These might be good places to search for your next job…

Learn more about each of these employers, including how many people they employ, on 247WallSt.com.

If you’re searching for a job, consider applying for jobs with these major employers. It’s very likely that they are hiring right now. Are you ready to search and apply for jobs? Stop by JobMonkeyJobs.com to get started today.

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