January 17, 2018

The Least Stressful Jobs Of 2018 According To CareerCast.com

Are you stressed out? There are many causes of stress in our lives. Relationships, finances, health, life changes, and work are just a few of the things that can increase your stress levels. While it’s hard to completely eliminate stress from our lives, we can all make a conscious decision to find a low stress job. Are you ready to do that?

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How To Find A Less Stressful Job

We recently stumbled upon a post from CareerCast.com titled, The Least Stressful Jobs of 2018. Obviously we were intrigued to find out what jobs made the list. CareerCast used “11 factors designed to evaluate workplace stress” and compiled a list of the least stressful jobs of 2018. The criteria included:

  1. Travel
  2. Career Growth Potential
  3. Physical Demands
  4. Environmental Conditions
  5. Hazards Encountered
  6. Meeting The Public
  7. Competition
  8. Risk of Death or Grievous Injury
  9. Immediate Risk of Another’s Life
  10. Deadlines
  11. Working in the Public Eye

Let’s take a look at CareerCast.com’s list of the Least Stressful Jobs Of 2018:

  1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  2. Hair Stylist
  3. Audiologist
  4. University Professor
  5. Medical Records Technician
  6. Compliance Officer
  7. Jeweler
  8. Pharmacy Technician
  9. Operations Research Analyst
  10. Medical Laboratory Technician

Are any of these jobs on your list? Maybe they should be. Visit CareerCast.com to see the median annual income, growth outlook, and stress score of each of the above jobs.

Low Stress And High Paying Jobs? They Really Do Exist!

There are plenty of other jobs in this great big world that are low stress. It’s up to you to do your research and find the job that’s the right fit for you from a stress perspective. Head over to JobMonkey.com to get a glimpse into a day in the life of pretty much any cool job. You’ll be amazed at how many possible ways their are to make a living.

Visit the JobMonkey JobCenter to search and apply for one of this year’s least stressful jobs.
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