July 17, 2016

10 Reasons To Become A College Professor

Do you love academic life? Are you keen to pursue a life of learning in a subject that fascinates you? Why don’t you become a college professor?

College professor giving lecture to university students in lecture hall

A career as a college professor isn’t for everyone. It requires a true passion for learning and an expert level knowledge base to even be considered for a college professor job. Do you have what it takes to land a job in this cool niche?

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Thinking about quitting your job and making a change? Here are 10 reasons to become a college professor:

  1. Shape Future Generations – Teachers and professors influence students on a daily basis. By sharing their knowledge they make a difference and help guide the next generation into their future careers.
  2. Pursue Your Passion – College professors teach and research a wide variety of topics – humanities, science, english, weather, engineering, advertising, business, etc. Whatever interests you there is a college professor job that focuses on that.
  3. Job Security – Education is important. There is always a demand for highly qualified passionate university professors at higher education institutes around the world.
  4. Not Your Typical 9-To-5 Job – Being a college professor is not the typical job. It’s a mix of office hours, research, field time, lectures, and meetings. Many professors even get to take the summer off.
  5. Expert In Your Field – To become a college professor, you must be an expert in your niche. This usually requires years of higher education and the completion of a Masters or Doctorate degree in your field. Then you are respected source of information.
  6. Enjoyable Work Environment – There’s something lively about working on a university campus. It provides an exciting and thought-provoking atmosphere filled with inquisitive minds and eager students.
  7. Life Long Learning – As a college professor, you have to stay on top of your game. You must be aware of changes in your field and industry – in fact you might even be paving the way of the future through your research.
  8. Sabbaticals Are Acceptable – Sabbaticals are periods of paid leave for a professor to study, travel, and explore. Kind of like a gap year for professionals.
  9. Rewarding Job – A job as a college professor is a respectable and honorable way to make a living. But the true reward comes from watching students learn, develop, and apply the skills that you teach them.
  10. Location – There are thousands of employers looking to hire college professors. Start your job search at community colleges, Ivy League schools, or universities around the world. As a college professor who is an expert in your field, you will be in demand.

Now being a university professor isn’t all fun and games. In fact, it can be quite stressful – as most jobs can be. Your time is spent as a healthy mix of teaching and doing research. Grading papers, teaching lectures, doing research, creating lessons, and working with students and academic professionals is all part of the job.

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So what do you think? Do you have what it takes to become a college professor? It’s an awesome job if it interests you.

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