December 23, 2010

Looking for a Job in the New Year? Apply at Gyms

While many industries see a slight downswing in sales during January, since people have just spent a lot of money on Christmas, gyms actually see a boom.

Why? New Years resolutions! At the beginning every year, millions of people make the promise to themselves that this is their year to lose weight and get healthy. Gym memberships skyrocket, and subsequently, many are hiring, even as retail locations and other businesses are letting go their temporary workers. Gym works are needed not just in typical gyms you find in every city, but also in gyms on cruise ships, college gyms, and private gyms for celebrities and sports stars.

Are you interested in working at a gym? You could work as a personal trainer, lead classes, work in sales, or even just work as a janitor. Even if you have no experience working in fitness, you can get a job using the following tips:

  • Start applying now. Retail locations keep temporary workers on for a week or two after Christmas in most cases to deal with returns and exchanges, so there aren’t as many people looking for jobs as their will be in a few weeks.
  • Have a resume prepared. If you’ve never worked in fitness before, you might think that you have no experience at all. not true! Working in a gym is about customer service, so any job where you dealt with customers in the past is relevant. Other attributes, like dependability, cleanliness, punctuality, and leadership are also relevant, so add references to your resume who can vouch for these characteristics.
  • Volunteer to teach a few classes. Gyms love offering classes to their members, but if you only have a few people sign up, the class doesn’t really pay for itself. Offer to teach a few classes on a volunteer basis before they bring you on as a full employee. Hopefully, your class will be interesting enough to attract attendees and you as the teacher will keep them coming back for more, proving to the gym that you’re a good investment.

In addition to working at a gym, you can also work in fitness by becoming a dietitian, working as a hospital nutritionist, or finding a dancing job.

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